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    Madrid celebrates S.Isidro between traditions and events

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    As every year a Madrid its patron saint is celebrated S.Isidro. This is a special time to choose to visit Madrid as this patronal feast is very much felt by all Madrilenians. You can visit the city and above all experience the side firsthand traditional-popular of the Spanish capital.

    The history of Holy tells of how he managed to save the King Felipe III from a serious illness by making him drink water from a source he blessed, thus becoming the symbol of the city. From that moment, in his memory, the same thing is repeated ritual by all the people of Madrid who, wearing the traditional castizo dress, drink its water source and participate in the numerous bullfights organized in these days and in the many activities such as processions, concerts, shows, fireworks and dance shows.

    The city is transformed starting from 11 May at 19.30 and celebrate in an engaging way as only a Spanish city can do with popular music, ethnic festivals, concerts and the tasting of the famous donuts. To find the right accommodation in which to stay in this period, you can find accommodation among many hotel in Madrid. All that remains is to decide to leave and be ready to passarlo bien (to put it in the Spanish way).

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