Barcelona, ​​go up to Montjuic, metro, cableway and transbordador aeri

    When I was in Barcelona I tried both the transbordador aeri and the subway, for two specific reasons that I will explain shortly and that among other things I recommend.

    Il transbordador aeri it is mistakenly called the cableway, which instead is the one that starts from Parc de Montjuïc and passes through the mountain. I took the transbordador aeri after a short breakfast in Barceloneta. The ticket one way is 10 €, round trip is 12 €. I only took the outward journey because I did the return by subway. The line goes through 3 stations and connects the towers of San Sebastian, Juame I and Miramar. The transbordador aeri has an edge over the cable car because it allows you to see all of Barcelona passing “over the sea”, as shown in the photo above. Door 19 people and the line usually runs pretty fast. In addition there is a window from which you can protrude, if you trust, the camera, which you cannot do with the cableway;) For me it is definitely more cute and romantic If we want.

    After a nice walk in Montjuic I recommend a way to go down really low cost. Without taking the cableway, in fact, it costs you enough, with a only metro ticket you can take the purple line at the stop Parallel that goes down (or up) Montijuic and in a short time takes you where you want. Further on, in reference to the metro station, among other things for those who want there is the Fundació Joan Miró, a real gem. But I'm biased, I love it.

    La cableway instead I found it a bit too expensive, around 8 € for a round trip at the end a little touristy which however takes you to the Castle. If you don't want to walk and want to get to your destination then take this directly. But I only recommend it if you are short on time, otherwise a nice walk on Montjuic I really recommend it.

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