For dance lovers in Barcelona, ​​swing is danced in the square

    Il neighborhood of gracia it is actually a world unto itself. It is located one step away (or one subway stop) from the very famous Paseo de Gracia but it feels like a completely different world. What is in fact today a bohemian district was an independent city until late 19th century. Even today this sense of independence can be felt in its narrow streets and this is what most distinguishes its inhabitants, faithful to the neighborhood, to its rhythms and its traditions.

    I discovered one of the most recent (actually active since 1999) and interesting thanks to a passionate Catalan friend of swing (and who knows more than the devil): "Lindy in Gracia“, Or rather a swing session in the middle of a square.

    Each last Sunday of the month, from 12:30 to 14:30 la piazza della Virreina turns into a giant dance floor for swing lovers (sometimes even with live music).

    You can take part, or only to listen music and admire the dancers sitting at one of the many tables in the bars that populate the square (which is what I do, being unable to dance alas). Piazza, which allow me, is also one of the prettiest in the entire neighborhood.

    The web ballaswing. cat it is up to date and also provides information on the many other activities organized by the center.

    Good swing to all!

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