Spanish courses in Seville

Spanish courses in Seville

Learn Spanish in Seville it is a truly unique experience. The city is the home of flamenco and bullfighting: in every sense it is a real "Spanish" city.

There are numerous schools that offer courses of various levels to foreigners who come to the city, willing to learn the local language.

Lo nationalist spirit that you breathe here in Seville will make you immerse yourself in the reality of the place and will make you want to learn the local language.

Knowing Spanish to communicate with the Sevillians it will be essential, also because English is not well known.

If you are a student, you can also choose schools whose courses can be recognized as academic credits at their university or home school.

Furthermore learn Spanish in Seville it will mean learning a very particular pronunciation; the inhabitants of Andalusia are in fact famous for their particularly pronounced accent.

Schools for all tastes

If you are interested in spending one study holiday in Seville, but not depriving oneself of excursions and trips, one could choose a school that includes all this in its programs. Some schools also offer a accommodation for members: living on a campus or in any case in an organized structure is suitable for those traveling for the first time and is less adventurous.

I more independent travelers looking for some independence during their stay in Seville could instead forgo the option of inclusive accommodation.

Before making your choice, it is worthwhile to inquire about the formation of the classes (level and number of students), the qualifications of the professors and the timetables. For those planning a longer stay in Seville, it might indeed be more favorable to find evening courses, to be able to afford to find a possible job during the day.

The most famous schools

Below we see what are the best schools in the city and the project they propose.
Each private Spanish school has its own teaching method and to make your choice you must have in mind what you are looking for: once you have clear ideas about the duration of your stay in Seville, on the intensity of the courses and on the type of attendance and interactivity that you want to have with the language school, you can make an appropriate choice, thanks to the varied and wide range of Spanish courses in Seville.

Cervantes Institute

The school that undoubtedly has the most credits at national level is theCervantes Institute, a government school that promotes the Spanish language and its culture.


There is also the CLICK, acronym for Linguistic and Cultural Exchange Center, which is part of the International House network of language schools. CLIC offers intensive language courses, in small groups or private, as well as long-term Spanish lessons for all levels.

Giralda Center

Il Giralda Center it was instead one of the first language centers in Seville, and is located in the heart of the Santa Cruz district. The center offers standard group courses that last from one to 24 weeks, although more intensive courses are also available.


The Spanish school LINC has a wide offer of various levels of courses. It also combines dance and cooking lessons with standard lessons, as well as cultural activities and excursions.


Eurolingua instead it offers full immersion courses in Seville, and in general throughout Spain. It also provides accommodation with one of the many Spanish families participating in the program. Being a host of a family will stimulate you to express yourself even more quickly in Spanish and you will get in touch with the typical daily life of the place. Courses last from one to four weeks, with 15-25 hours of lessons per week.

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