What to do in Seville

What to do in Seville
What to do in Seville What to do in Seville What to do in Seville What to do in Seville What to do in Seville What to do in Seville What to do in Seville

Seville it is a fascinating city not only to see but also to experience. There are many Things to do to enliven your holiday or on the contrary slow down its pace and here more than anywhere else it is easy to get in touch with the local culture and feel like a local for a day.

Unmissable are the shows of flamenco, with a rich proposal of events able to satisfy both those who are simply curious and those who are a great lover of Spanish dance or culture. It is more difficult to see one race, because there are no events scheduled every day and tickets are sold very quickly: whoever manages to grab one will have a unique experience.

Guided tours of the city ed day excursions they are the best way to get to know the history, culture and natural heritage of Seville and its surroundings. If sitting on the bus for hours is not your thing, you can have fun with a tour by bike, kayak or horse.

For many tourists, the best memory of a holiday in Andalusia is a feast of tapas. Don't skimp on food so much the diet starts when you get home: join in tapas tour, wine tastings, Spanish cooking classes.

Rest assured, we will not leave you with your mouth watering. After having piqued your curiosity we give you all the useful information on what to do in Seville to liven up your holiday and bring home indelible memories and emotions.

Attend a flamenco show

What to do in Seville

Flamenco, a passionate dance with a magnetic charm, is an essential component of the Andalusian lifestyle: historically born in this region, it is still today a living tradition that inflames the hearts of Sevillians.

During your Seville vacation don't miss the extraordinary opportunity to experience an unforgettable evening like the locals witnessing one flamenco show live.

The offer of flamenco shows in Seville it is very wide and the prices vary considerably depending on the number of dancers, the presence or absence of musicians playing live, the artistic quality and the duration.

The more traditional, often free, shows are held in small, unsuspecting bars that are difficult for tourists to find unless someone locally recommends them.

It is easier to attend a show in a restaurant, in a theater or in places specifically dedicated to flamenco such as the famous Andalusian Palace. There are shows every night and something you will always be able to find, but reservations are strongly recommended in the most renowned restaurants and theaters. After all, who knows when you will return to Seville, we might as well treat yourself to the best, right?

In many cases it is possible to choose between the ticket for the show and show + drink or show + dinner packages. Packages are generally cheap and save you from having to move from the dinner venue to the show, with the risk of arriving late and missing part of the performance.

Local festivals

What to do in Seville
The Semana Santa procession

Andalusia is famous for its traditional festivals and Seville is no exception. The two most famous are Holy Week and Feria de Abril, but other lesser-known ones take place throughout the year.

If you come across one local festival in Seville forget the program you have made for the rest of the day and throw yourself headlong into the celebrations, just like a real Sevillian. The engaging atmosphere of these parties, lived with passion and enthusiasm by the locals, is enthralling so it will not be difficult for you to get into the right spirit.

See a bullfight

What to do in Seville

Bloody and shocking or fascinating and thrilling depending on your personal beliefs, bullfighting remains today a characterizing element of Spanish culture as well as one of the most followed popular traditions in the world.

See a bullfight in Seville is a unique experience not only because the city's bullring is one of the most beautiful and prestigious in the world, where all the toreros who have made the history of bullfighting have performed, but also because the reverent cheering of the Sevillians, who expresses with a religious silence, it is something impressive.

Getting a ticket for a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros in Seville is no easy feat as they usually sell out months in advance; moreover, the bullfighting season takes place only in part of the year, ie from Easter to October. However, it's worth a try: to increase your chances of getting a ticket, choose shows with less famous toreros.

Shopping in the markets

What to do in Seville
The typical market of Triana

Do you love craft markets, traditional food markets or ultra-modern gourmet markets? The markets of Seville will not disappoint you!

Virtually every neighborhood has its own food market, much loved and frequented by the citizens of the area. Some have retained a traditional feel, such as the Triana market, while others have evolved to suit modern tastes, such as the market Ravine Market, but they are all lively and colorful, a true piece of the city's history.

With the exception of the trendiest markets, they are also an excellent solution to eat well for little money, choosing between local delicacies and international specialties.

Are you more interested in shopping for clothing, crafts and used items? The most famous markets in Seville are held in Museum Square (Sunday), street fair (Thursday), Puddle of the Turkey (Saturday), Duke's Square (Wednesday and Saturday).

Tours and guided tours

Make visits to Seville's cultural attractions more interesting with a guided tour. The knowledge and experience of the guide who will accompany you will enrich your holiday with anecdotes, curiosities and information about the city that you could never discover on your own.

Seville tour on foot, by bike, by segway, by bus: there are many ways to explore the city, for all tastes and budgets. From short group tours that concentrate the best of the city in a short time and at an affordable price to private tours with personalized itineraries, more expensive but designed according to your specific wishes, you can surely find what you like best.

If you are staying in Seville for several days, consider giving yourself aday trip to discover the beauties of Andalusia.

The proposals are numerous: for example, you can dedicate a day to the most beautiful beaches of southern Spain, to the most fascinating pueblos blancos, to the Doñana National Park, to the Caminito del Rey (considered one of the most adrenaline-pumping trekking routes in the world), to horses Andalusians and wild bulls. Impossible to get bored!

Food and wine tours

Another fundamental component of the Andalusian lifestyle is food. Sevillians love to eat, a lot and well, so one of the most exciting things to do in Seville is to discover the richness of the local food and wine tradition.

You can do it yourself by trying the bars and taverns that inspire you the most, but if you want to find the best bars in Seville we recommend that you join a tapas tour. A local guide will accompany you to the most famous and characteristic tapas bars in the city, where you can taste appetizing snacks typical of the area. The tour is on foot, so you can indulge in the pleasures of food without guilt!

Continue your journey into the flavors of Andalusia with a tasting of local wines. If you are short on time, you can taste the best Andalusian wines during an event lasting an hour or two in a venue in the historic center. If you stay longer in the city, treat yourself to one day trip to the Sherry region with a visit to the most prestigious wineries.

Another peculiar food and wine tour departing from Seville is the one dedicated to Iberian ham: you will be able to see all the stages of the artisanal manufacturing process and taste some varieties of Iberian hams. A gourmet tour that will reveal the secret of the high quality of this world famous ham.

If in addition to the typical dishes you also want to know how conviviality is lived by the locals, you can have the unique experience of to dine at the home of a Sevillian family.

You will enter a real Andalusian house, you will taste homemade dishes prepared according to authentic family recipes not modified to satisfy the palate of tourists and you will be able to hear anecdotes and curiosities about life in Spain that tourists cannot know.

River cruise

Do you want to see Seville from a different perspective? Climb aboard the boat that will take you to cruise on the Guadalquivir. In an hour or two of sailing along the placid waters of the river you will see the city slip before your eyes, you will be able to admire some of the most famous attractions and you will pass under historic bridges that in the golden centuries of Spain saw the return of ships laden with riches from the New World.

A cruise on the Guadalquivir River adds culture and relaxation to your vacation. If the idea of ​​seeing Seville from the river appeals to you but you prefer a more dynamic activity, opt for the tour along the river by kayak.

It is a safe and affordable experience for everyone: the tour begins with a short introductory lesson on the use of kayaks that will give you all the information you need to enjoy the next two hours in complete tranquility.

Courses and lessons

Take advantage of the time you spend in Seville to learn something new… or simply to give yourself an hour of fun! How? By participating in a flamenco lesson!

If the spectacularity of this dance has won you over, get involved and try your hand in taconeo and braceo, or rather rhythmic use of the feet and choreographic figures performed with the arms, assisted by a professional dancer.

You won't become a dancer yourself in just an hour - that only happens in Hollywood movies - because flamenco is a complex art and it takes years of practice to master the technique. However, one hour will be enough to learn the basic steps and have the notions to appreciate more this form of dance that comes from the gypsy-Andalusian tradition. It is a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

Is dance not for you? Don't worry, the Spanish cooking class it's another fun opportunity to fully experience Andalusian culture. Back home, you can put what you have learned to good use by wowing your friends with a succulent Spanish dinner.

In about three hours you will learn how to prepare two typical dishes under the expert guidance of a chef. The course is organized for children and each participant has their own workspace and tools.

Sports activities

If you are one of those who cannot stay still in Andalucia even on holiday you will find bread for your teeth because the possibilities of practicing outdoor sports they are a lot. A few examples?

Get in the saddle of yours bike or rent one on site for a relaxing ride immersed in the greenery of the Ruta del Agua, on the outskirts of Seville, along the banks of the Huelva and Cala rivers, or tackle the most challenging mountain bike trails of the surrounding hills and mountains.

Horseback riding enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to ride an Andalusian horse, one of the most famous breeds in the world. You can choose between horse trekking of varying difficulty depending on your level, but whatever you choose, hours of relaxation in contact with nature are guaranteed.

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