What to see in Bolonia

In the wildest area of ​​the Cadiz coast lies the tiny town of Bologna: little known to Italian tourists, it is much loved by Spanish tourists, especially the younger ones.

It is surprising how many attractions such a small city can offer: one beach suggestive to spend relaxing days walking or surfing, a rock for thrilling climbing, an impressive one dune of sand and the ruins of an ancient Roman city. You will also find numerous restaurants where you can eat excellent fish dishes and some accommodation.

Bolonia has remained an oasis of authenticity compared to more developed tourist resorts. The main street was partially asphalted only in the late nineties, and in those same years the first street lamps were installed and the first palm trees were planted. Since then Bolonia's fame has grown, but its charm is still entirely intact.

On clear days from Bolonia it is possible to see the African coast: sit on the beach and dream of the Moroccan desert, it is closer than it seems.

What to see in Bolonia

The spectacular Playa de Bolonia

The main attraction of Bolonia is its enchanting beach, a huge crescent of fine white sand behind which rises an imposing and suggestive dune.

La Beach of Bologna, almost 4 km long and 70 meters wide, it has the same wild charm of Tarifa but is less fashionable and much quieter: a true paradise for those who want to spend the day surrounded by nature. You will not be alone if you come in the summer months, but it is such a large beach that you will be able to find a corner all to yourself where you can spend the day relaxing.

The only thing that disturbs you is the strong wind, unless you are a surfer: in this case, join the community of local and international surfers who come here because they find the ideal conditions to practice their favorite sport.

At one end of the beach stands the Dune of Bolonia which can really be defined as a dune with a capital D: 30 meters high, it is actually a completely mobile dune complex on which only one plant form can arise, ammophilia. Of crucial importance for the ecosystem, in 2001 the Dune was declared a Natural Monument.

Remember that Bolonia beach is not equipped and there are no shaded shelters or kiosks for food and drinks. Bring with you an abundant supply of water and everything you need for the day.

A testimony of the ancient origin of Bolonia are the ruins of Claudia Baelo, a Roman settlement open to visitors, with a reception center and a museum.

It is the most important archaeological site in Andalusia and includes the remains of a theater, a paved forum, temples and other buildings, including the workshops in which two particular products were made in ancient times: salted fish and a spicy seasoning made from fish (called garum).

Moving 5 km from Bolonia beach you will find the Camarinal Lighthouse, also called Cabo de Gracia Tower. Originally built in the 1990th century as a defensive tower, it was only converted into a lighthouse in XNUMX but its particular construction and the panoramic position by the sea make it suggestive.

For rock enthusiasts the main attraction in the area is the San Bartolo, a sandstone pinnacle that rises just east of the town, perfect for thrilling climbing.

Where sleeping in Bolonia

Find a accommodation in Bolonia it's a bit difficult, there are only a couple of hostals and guesthouses. Most tourists come here within a day from other locations.

If you want to sleep in the area it is therefore good to plan ahead or move to nearby Zahara de los Atunes, just 10 km away, where you will find a greater choice of hotels and holiday apartments.

How to reach Bolonia

get to Bolonia by car you need to take the N340 road that leads to Tarifa and take the detour to the west about 15 km from Tarifa.

Reach Bolonia by public transport on the other hand, it is more difficult, because there is only one bus that arrives from Tarifa and the trips are not very frequent. If you are leaving from other locations, including the main cities of Andalusia, you must charge at least one change.

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