Cedar and The Pier in Port Macquarie, coffee and beer in Australia

Abroad a good coffee is always what is missing, but in Australia a Macquarie Port missing a little less. Cedar, on the main street of Port Macquarie, a town 420km from Sydney and 510km from Brisbane, is a small place that allows you to have a hearty breakfast, and enjoy a good coffee, almost like home. The prices are not exaggerated, or at least they are in the Australian standard of living.

As for the evening, trusting the advice of the bus driver, I also experienced another place, which is located next to Cedro. The Pier, this is the name, presents an environment halfway between casual and elegant and, if you are informed, organize music evenings very enjoyable, in which different people perform, with 2-3 songs each.

You can sip some good wine, or a nice cold beer, with rather moderate prices compared to big cities (6 dollars our average, much cheaper than a bottle in the supermarket). It is also possible to eat: the menu offers pizza (not excellent, at least in appearance), a large one variety of tapas, and some savory snacks. Again, the prices are not exaggerated.

The place is often full, but you can find a seat somewhere, or stand up without problems. The welcome is given by a "come on in and get drunk”, Which makes you smile and put you in a good mood, like most conversations with the locals.

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