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Oristano useful tips and information

In Gulf of Oristano there are km and km of beach, from small coves (some really unknown and not very accessible) to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

Here are the ones you shouldn't do without.

North of the gulf is the Cynical.

The municipality of Cabras, a common lagoon overlooking a large brackish lagoon, perhaps offers you the best.

Follow the signs leading towards San Giovanni di Sinis.

Along the road there are signs on the right (note that some are country roads).

The first is Is Aruttas - San salvatore.

Oristano most beautiful beaches

If you like nature and it snorkeling you could have a good experience.

Then there is along the way Funtana Meiga, village of second homes, the beach is not that great but if you like it windsurf, on a mistral day it is the best spot in the Mediterranean.

Oristano discos and night clubs

Then it Maimoni beach (km of white beach).

Then one of the pearls ... San Giovanni di Sinis, a small village, full of coves and a large beach. postcard landscape. Here you can visit one of the oldest early Christian churches of Sardinia and one of the most interesting archaeological sites, the ruins of the Phoenician-Punic city of Tharros.

San salvatore instead it is a charming village of peasants, in the past used as a set for spaghetti-western films. There is a small church with a hypogeum which is an important archaeological testimony to visit.

Continue for Is Aruttas.

Here the stage is a must. one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, white quartz sand, crystal clear water. it is as if you were on a beach of rice grains.

It has only one flaw that it is crowded.

A few kilometers further on there is Mari Ermi, the same but with more sand (they stole a lot) and less crowding.

Advice: No smoking on the beach unless you have an ashtray.

If they catch you taking away even a handful of sand, you are liable to prosecution.

Be careful because the checks are carried out by the plainclothes brigade and the local swimmers would report you immediately.

Then there are the beaches of San Vero Milis.

Among others, the famous Well Idu and the beautiful In Mesa Longa. From here you can leave for the excursion toislet of Mal di Ventre (Malu Entu) or take a beautiful horseback ride ... look for the stables of Mr. Firinu and with € 15 you will spend a wonderful hour.

I recommend you do it at sunset.

Oristano where to eat well and spend little

We go north, towards cuglieri, road with many curves, at times panoramic.

There is the kilometer-long beach of Is Arenas that you would reach after immersing yourself in a huge pine forest. I'd go straight for it though Torre del Pozzo / S'Archittu / Santa Caterina.

They are not large beaches but very beautiful places from a landscape point of view and pleasant to spend a day there.

S'Archittu it's a natural arch, if you like diving, try your hand or just watch who makes them.

Oristano offers and holiday and weekend packages

organize a holiday or a weekend in Oristano choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL, HOLIDAY AND WEEKEND FLIGHT + HOTEL OFFERS.

What to do in the evening in Oristano

To know the best places to have an aperitif or where to spend an evening dedicated to divertissement consult Oristano discos and night clubs.

Oristano pictures and photos

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