Maldives travel story at the Moofushi Resort a true paradise

Maldives story of an unforgettable trip to the Moofushi Resort, a spectacular corner of land, “visited” in honor of our wedding.

We decided to choose a paradise called paradise as the destination of our honeymoon Moofushi.

We booked the trip from the internet from this site which always features riches.

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Moofushi Resort information and tips

Once you get to Alas, as if it had been the work of fate, incredible but true, the bags arrived in the blink of an eye.

Away from there and done all the paperwork, we left with our seaplane, Maldivian Air Taxi , on the route of Moofushi.

After a very pleasant 25 minutes of flight we land on our islet where the welcome was truly amazing.

The assistants Best-Tours e Moofushi from the very beginning they were very professional, kind and competent.

Very hasty and without wasting too much time, once the various presentations were finished, the staff accompanied us to our accommodation.

For our honeymoon, our dream has always been to spend it in the Maldives and more precisely in Over Water.

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Very large accommodation, brand new and with an equally large terrace that has a very comfortable hammock, 2 deck chairs and a table, all very private and discreet and complete with a ladder with direct access to the sea.

Moofushi Resort what to eat and how to have fun

It was now 13.30pm and so we went hungry and above all curious, to the restaurant.

Let's assume that we were well informed on the web, etc., well we were not at all disappointed by this wonderful village.

The buffets were always full of all kinds of vegetables, pasta, bread, etc., well decorated and very appetizing, and even the dessert counter, more commonly called "Kudabauh" was always full of fruit and sweets of all kinds.

Everything was very good even for the most difficult palates; it was impossible not to find something he didn't like.

Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, while dinner is served at the table with the choice between 2 first and 2 second courses, while the side dishes / appetizers are always buffet style.

Being in a seaside resort, fresh fish is never lacking, but even for those who don't like fish, there has always been a great choice of other alternatives, and why not even meat.

In the evening the Best-Tours staff, made up of 2 boys, in the lounge-bar, entertained the guests with a bit of variety that went from the piano-bar, to karaoke, nice collective games, Maldivian evening with mandatory sarong, disco on the beach, midnight baths, all in a very soft key, also because it must be said that we, like almost all the remaining 118 guests on the island, were on our honeymoon.

It must be said that, for those like us, who did 2 weeks, during the second week the exact same schedule of entertainments was proposed again which could be a bit boring, but Moofushi in an instant you make friends with other couples and therefore it takes very little to spend a good and pleasant evening in company chatting.

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Moofushi Resort excursions

The staff also offers daily excursions which are carried out including the famous "Bolentino fishing"Day or night, night snorkeling, the fishermen's island where you can buy some souvenirs and the deserted island.

During some evenings, the Diving, Blue Tribe, managed by 2 nice guys in addition to the Maldivian boys who collaborate with them, showed us some photos, shots and videos of the seabed and the dives that were made in various points of the Ari atoll , with their diving.

It is a very competent and very serious Diving, with them for those who want it there are many underwater alternatives, you can take the license, do guided dives (for those who already have the license) and very nice and interesting, through a Discovery Scuba Diving, discover the depths of the Moofushi lagoon.

It consists of a couple's outing accompanied / guided by the instructor, really very suggestive and exciting.

We are not perfect swimmers, far from it, but we wanted to try this thrilling and unforgettable experience, which was documented and filmed by the formidable Captain.

We started from the dock of the Moofushi lagoon and slowly descended until we reached the height of 14.30 meters.

It is incredible to see what life is underneath, moreover the visibility is crystal clear and optimal, we have seen and swam with hundreds of trevally, groupers, scorpion fish, surgeon fish, the very famous Nemo and many many others.

Our dive lasted 40 minutes, truly breathtaking and unforgettable.

The 15 days have flown by quickly and if only you are hesitant to book one or weeks, for direct experience we recommend the 2 weeks also because the journey is very long and demanding, and the first days are affected a lot by the time zone (+4 hours compared to our timetable).

It must also be said that we were really very lucky, considering the fact that September / October are still months at "risk of rain" due to the monsoons, yet on 15 days we found only 3 half days of intense rain, the rest sun shining.

La beach, is in two very spacious parts of the island both.

One, where the beach bungalow and the other where there is the over water jetty, where a long tongue of sand is created which, at low tide, joins the shore creating an endless sand snake!

The beach is of white coral sand and more than sand it looks like talcum powder, very fine and impalpable, moreover it is always fresh as it is coral.

The most faithful like us, were always enjoying the whole beach and the sea, also because we will rarely find a sea and a dream like this.

You could hardly hear voices or shouts .. also because, most of the time we had the whole beach available to us ... incredible but that's it!

What can I say, everything in Moofushi is perfect and studied in detail there is nothing out of place or missing.

The jetty that faces around 15 over water is really impressive and gives a breathtaking panoramic view, especially around 19.00 you can witness postcard sunsets: the sky in a few minutes passes from the colors of pink, yellow, orange , red, and every day a show is proposed in a totally different way, creating plays of colors in the sky that fill the heart with an indescribable emotion.

Gallery photo Moofushi Resort

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