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Travel to Malaysia guide and advice on when to go, what to eat, climate and temperatures.

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Malaysia when to go

La Malaysia has a equatorial climate therefore, generally, it is very hot, it is very humid and it rains all year round as there is none dry season one rain season.

Il best time to go to Malaysia runs from June to August while for those who want to go on vacation at Perhentian islands e isole Redang the best period is from February to April.

Time zone Malaysia

Compared toSpain in Malaysia there are 6 more hours.

Malaysia islands

Malaysia climate and temperatures

As mentioned above the climate of Malaysia it is equatorial so it is hot all year round and temperature the minimums oscillate between 23 ° and 26 ° and the maximums between 29 ° and 33 °.

Recall that in the hilly areas of Malaysia il climate it is definitely cooler with temperature much more pleasant in fact the minimum oscillate between 13 ° and 15 ° while the maximum between 20 ° and 24 °.

Malaysia religion, language and currency

La Malaysia it is a country multiconfessionale e multicultural where the state and dominant religion is theIslam.

Other professed religions are the Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Confucianism e Taoism.

La main language is Malay but we also speak the English language thanks to world tourism while the Current currency is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

What to eat in Malaysia

La Malaysian cuisine comes very close to Indonesian cuisine, it is very spicy and reflects what it is there multicultural society of Malaysia.

Here are the best known typical dishes of Malaysia:

  • Satay: it is the most famous dish of Malaysia and they are grilled meat skewers with spicy sauce.
  • Lemak rice: it is chicken churry with beef and squid with a side of rice and fried anchovies that is served in a banana leaf.
  • Shrimp Sauce: they are shrimp curry and they are really very spicy and very good.

  • Kerabu rice: it is blue rice served with either fish or meat.
  • Ayam Percik: it is chicken marinated with chilli and then grilled with coconut sauce.
  • Murtabak: it is fried bread with onion, bananas, meat and spices.

Malaysia map

Malaysia travel

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