Tips for eating cheap in New York, without spending a lot

New York offers an infinite choice of dining options, for all budgets, and for all tastes and preferences. You can eat in the luxurious and expensive big restaurants in the center of Manhattan, in the cheap and very nice fast food, symbol of the American lifestyle.

If you are looking for some tips to eat cheap in New York, and not to spend a lot, here is a short guide.

Areas to eat

If for the hotel you can choose whether to take it in the heart of New York or in the outer districts to save money, to eat instead the tourist always finds himself choosing between the various fast food and restaurants in Manhattan, the neighborhood where almost all the attractions of the big apple are present.

Times Square it is the most touristic area and where you can breathe more the air and the New York lifestyle. There are numerous tourist restaurants such as Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe, or cheap fast food restaurants such as Mc Donalds or Burger Kings.

Little Italy it is the right choice for those who miss home. Surely the main specialties of these restaurants are pizza and pasta.

Chinatown it can be the right choice for those who love Asian and Chinese food. In the area there are hundreds of restaurants and the price is not expensive at all with large portions.

Eating on the street

For many tourists the best choice is to eat on the street, in order to eat quickly and make the most of your day to visit New York. Even if they don't offer a wide choice, very often just pizza or hot dogs and various drinks, they are also a nice choice to feel a little New Yorker.

The cloisters of the hot dog they are in every corner of Manhattan and the price of the classic American sandwich is about 2 dollars. While for bagel and pizza, the other 2 symbols of fast food on the street, the price is about 3 dollars.

Although the drink Coca Cola always remains par excellence in America, a good hot coffee in the winter or a fresh smoothie in the summer are an increasingly popular choice, especially by the population attentive to shape and well-being.

Taxes and advice

Le cups in restaurants they are almost never included in the prices displayed, menus and price lists. The tax to be added to the price is approximately 10%.

La tip in the United States it is not optional but "mandatory". That is, without a good reason, such as a bad service, it is mandatory and can vary from 10% to 20%, depending on the quality of the service received.

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