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Who said that a holiday in Tuscany must necessarily touch the usual overcrowded and hyperinflationary tourist destinations? In addition to Florence, Siena and Pisa, there is much more to see and do in Tuscany.

  • Little known Tuscan villages which are and where they are located
  • Volterra Pisa
  • Volterra what to see
  • Fiesole Florence
  • Fiesole what to see
  • San Gimignano Tuscany
  • San Gimignano what to see
  • Tuscan villages pictures and photos

Little known Tuscan villages which are and where they are located

La Toscana It is not only sea, beaches beautiful and divertissement but it is a region that has a long and troubled history and that had its golden age in Renaissance.

Just the Renaissance gave it to this fantastic region of true masterpieces, such as the historic center of Florence or the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, but that does not mean the beauty of the Toscana limit yourself to this.

In this article we recommend little known tourist destinations in Tuscany but which should be re-evaluated by travelers because they hide truths surprises.

Beauty and the history of Tuscany it was not done only by the great art cities like Firenze, PisaSiena, but also, and above all, come on small villages perched among the colline o immersed in the beauty of remote valleys of the region.

Fiesole where to eat well and spend little

Volterra Pisa

When we talk about charming villages we cannot fail to mention Volterra, located in the province of Pisa and ideal for completing a tourist trip in the area.

After seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo you can easily move around Volterra and explore it on foot, taking some time to enjoy its beauties.

Volterra what to see

Volterra it is perched on a hill and is surrounded by imposing ones Etruscan walls.

Here what to see and what to visit in Volterra:

  • Historic Centre with the square of the Priori square
  • Palaces of the Priors and Bishopric,

  • Volterra Cathedral
  • Torre del Podestà or del Porcellino
  • Praetorian Palace

The city also includes major museums, as the Etruscan Museum, Sacred Art Museum and Pinacoteca Civica.

Visiting Fiesole tips

Fiesole Florence

Still on the subject of suggestive villages that is worth visiting there Fiesole, in the province of Florence.

As in the case of Volterra, the trip to Fiesole can be combined with a sightseeing tour in Firenze.

Fiesole what to see

Il village of Fiesole stands on two hills that dominate the Arno valley and valley of the Mugnone.

Here what to see and visit in Fieseole:

  •  Archaeological area with late Etruscan walls
  • Etruscan temple
  • Archaeological Museum of Fiesole

San Gimignano Tuscany

The last piece of advice concerns the village of San Gimignano, immersed in the green hills and gods typical vineyards of this area of ​​the Toscana.

Il village offers a breathtaking view of one-of-a-kind panoramas and has been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco for his architectural beauties of the medieval era.

San Gimignano what to see

Here what to see and what to visit in San Gimignano:

  • Piazza della Cisterna
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • San Gimignano Cathedral
  • Collegiate church with frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, Ghirlandaio and Pollaiolo.

Another unique feature of San Gimignano are its famous towers: the town originally had 72, dating back to the turbulent municipal era, although today only 16 remain.

The Civic Museum and the Diocesan Museum, both located in the historic center of the small village of San Gimignano (known for its excellent tourist offer which includes numerous farmhouses such as TorrePrima).

Tuscan villages pictures and photos

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