The Florence of low cost cuisine

Firenze it is definitely an unmissable destination: come on museums most famous in the world at civilians architectures that have made the history of art, it is difficult not to find something to admire with your mouth open. But among so many historical-artistic wonders, culture also deserves a good part, between one visit to the other why give up good table? Be wary of self-service or overly touristy bars, and really taste the Florentine cuisine doc.

Don't worry, even if the city has the reputation of being one of the most expensive in Italy, it is not difficult to find some economic corner, just leave the main roads and enter the small parallels, where a low cost culinary world will open up.

Working and living since two years in the historic center I had to deal with tourist menus and tourist catcher prices but then I managed to find tasty solutions. Here is in my opinion the top of the Florentine clubs low cost:

Taverns - A must in Tuscan cuisine is undoubtedly the antipasto e The Beppa Fioraia, in the San Niccolò district, knows this very well, known in fact for its great choice. In fact, a Gran Tagliere della Beppa Fioraia (28 euros) will be enough to satisfy a table for four people.

A mix consisting of: dop ham, salami, finocchiona, liver crostini, pecorino, brie, pear, grapes and walnuts, coccoli, stacchino, black cabbage salad, lard pate, salami, burrata, beef tartare, hard-boiled egg with truffle cream and truffled covaccino.

The best Florentine steak instead you will find it at Trattoria Marione, 100 meters from Piazza della Repubblica, and with red wine and a side of rocket and potatoes you can get away with 20 €. I challenge you to find another so good and cheap.

Coming to this city I became a lover of truffles and the best truffle tagliatelle I found them at the restaurant The Buzzino a stone's throw from the Bargello Museum. The typical ribollita and tagliatelle with hare sauce are also worth trying. It is an environment where you can truly breathe Tuscany, with a very friendly owner who will try to make you taste everything and more. In the area it definitely is the only place where you eat well and with fair prices.

Street Food - For those in a hurry and want a quick snack, a must try institution is the lampredotto, a sandwich filled with green sauce and this type of tripe, at a cost of 3.50 euros. Just wander around a bit to find a tripe stall attacked during lunchtime in every corner.

Surely the ones to recommend are the one behind Piazza della Signoria, behind the Loggia del Porcellino and the one in Via Gioberti (near Piazza Beccaria). However, if you want to enjoy it in peace, I recommend the Tripperia The Warehouse in Piazza della Passera, a small square in front of Palazzo Pitti. Here you can sit and with a drink you will spend 4.50 euros.

If you prefer one instead foccacina or a sandwich topped with a wide choice of Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, you must try The two brothers, a small old winery from 1875 that offers many alternatives for 2.50 euros. I highly recommend the roasted ham sandwich with truffle sauce.

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