New Year's Eve in Barcelona useful tips

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New Year's Eve in Barcelona useful tips to save information

First of all, I recommend booking much earlier than the volo that l 'hotels (I booked them in October).

We went for total savings and chose the cheapest pension in a good location.

We spent € 59 per night (a double room with bathroom price of the room, nos per person), excellent location (practically on the Avenue).

In Christmas time Barcelona it is overrun with tourists.

But all in all this is also the beauty of this fabulous city.

The first day we went to the Park Guell, very nice in my opinion.

To visit it I recommend going down to Valcarca.

In those days we wanted to take the Tourist bus but we have never done it given the economic constraints (we are 2 students), but in my opinion it is to be done.

What € 17 for one day and € 21 for two.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona what to do and where to go

The second day on foot we took a nice ride and armed with holy patience due to the endless queues we went to Casa Battlo which in my opinion is a love, very pretty, to see, Gaudi is great.

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However, admission is very expensive (€ 16.50).

Then the Pedrera we only saw it from the outside and finally we went to visit the Holy Family.

Even there unlikely queue I recommend to do the cumulative entry with Casa Mila to 9 €: a boy to avoid the queue asked a few people if we formed a group of 20 people in order to avoid the queue and pay 5 € instead of 8.

Once the group is formed you avoid the queue, you enter together but then everyone can make their own cabbages.

The exterior of the Sagrada Family it is spectacular, imposing as hell, thrilling.

La New Years Eve in Barcelona almost everything was closed, even Mc Donald's, so we went to get a sandwich in one of the few places open.

The rest of the evening on Avenue, back and forth, then we celebrated midnight at the port where they made the fireworks.

As a party on the Rambla, apart from the fires, they didn't do anything, in my opinion we needed a little music or a little animation.

From there, then, we went to the Montjuic, very nice atmosphere with the fountains.

Barcelona what to see and places to visit

Next day wake up early in the morning and everyone at Catalan Music Museum, really beautiful.

The rest of the day we were out and about Barri gotic which is a really nice spot, different from the rest of the city.

La Cathedral she's gorgeous.

And then in search of the best churros in the parts of Picasso museum and the Palace of Catalan music.

I Churros they are long and narrow fried desserts that are too good, in the place where we got them there were also chocolate, in Barcelona the classic ones are used to eat them with hot chocolate, do not miss them.

For dinner we took the bus to the airport. Unfortunately, our wonderful vacation is over.

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Ah, I forgot: the temperature was then optimal, during the day there were around 15 ° in the evening a little chill.

And for those interested in entertainment a Barcelona and to the nightlife I refer to the guide Barcelona clubs, pubs, disco: tips for having fun and nightlife.

Photo gallery Barcelona

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