Low cost travel to New York: save on flights, hotels, transport and attractions

Do you want to organize a cheap vacation in New York? The Big Apple is certainly not a cheap city, but with the right advice you can organize a low cost trip to New York.

If you want to save as a first tip avoid all inclusive packages and purchase the various services individually, the savings will be ensured. But how to buy flights, hotels, transport and attractions separately?

Today on the internet it is increasingly easier to buy and build yourself a DIY vacation package. Online you can very easily buy all the services you need to organize a trip or vacation, avoiding the expense of intermediaries.

Now we explain step by step all the steps to follow to save and book the various services at the best price. It will be much easier and cheaper to organize a low cost trip to New York.

He flew

Il first service to book for a trip to New York is the flight. The plane, which is the only useful way to reach the Big Apple, allows you to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and arrive in New York in less than 10 hours.

To save on the flight you need follow these precautions:

  • avoid high season periods
  • booking your flight well in advance, 3 to 5 months in advance is the best choice
  • direct flights are the ones that cost more, if you want a direct flight, prefer low cost flights
  • search for the best flight deals on price comparators, which allow you to find the best rates based on the period and airport of departure
  • many times the lower prices have inconvenient timetables or long stopovers, but the savings are assured


The hotel is the second service to be booked after the flight, and like the latter, it is one of the 2 essential services of any trip or holiday. Hotels in New York are quite expensive.

If you want to save money, the first tip is to look for a hotel outside of Manhattan. Although Manhattan is the best area to stay in New York, it is also the most expensive area to sleep in.

To save, as for the flight, we recommend avoid high season periods and book in advance the hotel, in order to have more availability in the choice of accommodation and lower rates.

To find the best rates, the advice is to rely on price comparators for hotels, which evaluate according to the period, the prices of the various hotels offered by the various hotel accommodation portals, indicating on which site to book a particular hotel to have the greatest savings.

Accommodation and hotels in New York


If you want to save even more, we also recommend travel in 3 or 4 people to book triple or quadruple rooms, which have slightly higher rates than doubles or in some cases the same, but allow you to divide the cost for 3 or 4 people, allowing a nice saving.


To visit New York no need to rent a car, it would be a useless expense. To move to New York the subway and public transport in general are the best solution, more comfortable and convenient for getting around the Big Apple.

The car would only be a burden in New York, parking spaces are expensive and difficult to findMoreover, almost all hotels do not have a parking space and therefore you will have to leave the rented car in expensive parking lots, without using it.


To save on tickets to access the various attractions of New York, as with all major tourist cities, the most convenient thing is buy one of the tourist cards which include admission to multiple attractions, tours, transport and various activities.

There are various tourist cards or passes in New York, le più convenienti sono: New York Pass, CityPASS, SightSeeing Unlimited, Explorer Pass, Sightseeing Flex Pass, Build your own Pass e Freestyle Pass.


New York restaurants are very expensive, especially those in Manhattan, in the center of the city. To save on food and drinks it is recommended to shop in supermarkets and eat in fast food restaurants.

The United States is the homeland of the fast food and there are fast food chains of all kinds. You can eat anything in these types of restaurants, just choose the right brand and savings are guaranteed.

Various tips

Though the documents they are not tourist services, please note that they are essential for entering the United States. For Spaniards traveling to the United States (for stays not exceeding 90 days and for business and / or tourism reasons) it is necessary to have a valid passport with an expiration date after the date scheduled for returning to Spain and theESTA, which can be requested online.

Check the documents required to enter the United States


Also, it is advisable to take out a good one health insurance. This is one of the costs on which it is absolutely not recommended to save, the health costs in the USA are very high. If you want to travel safely and peacefully, buy good travel insurance.

Buy your health insurance policy


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