Procida, where to eat and sleep, low cost tips

All the tips we have tried for you, to eat and sleep well in Procida, to avoid nasty surprises. Read the post and book your holiday in Campania.

As soon as you land on theisland of Procida, it immediately seems to enter another world and you pass from one extreme to the other: the chaos of Naples, contrasted with the slow pace of the island. The first few minutes are therefore of setting, but in reality it takes very little to feel immediately at ease.

Procida it is very easy to reach, it is only 40 minutes by hydrofoil from the port of Naples Beverello and is well served at all hours of the day. Already the port of the island is a small postcard, with its colorful houses all in a row, the cobbled streets, the shops and restaurants that parade along the quay.


A village, in the true meaning of the word, with all the characteristics that make it so. In addition to the port, there is the historic core which is located in a raised area, from which you can see wonderful views of the Gulf of Naples.

Unlike Ischia or Capri, Procida is really small and despite its reputation for cinema island, keeps its wild soul intact and at times a bit "run down" which makes it very fascinating. There are not many accommodation options on the island, there are some B & Bs, a few hotels and a few apartments for rent, but for those who visit it for the first time, a choice that combines quality and price may not be easy.

During the 3 days of travel, I stayed at the B&B Villa Mazzella, located in a prime location, a less than 10 minutes on foot from the port, therefore easily accessible without any means, in a very quiet area, closed between an alley and a courtyard.

The B&B has modern and very comfortable rooms in Mediterranean style, but its strong point is definitely the garden, where breakfast is served with the famous typical dessert, the language of Procida, and that in most seasons it is an explosion of flowers. Excellent welcome from the owners and very low price for the services it offers.

At the end of the alley of the B&B there is Piazza dei Martiri, the small square of the village, where the ladies meet every evening to chat and the children to play ball or hide and seek. Overlooking the square, there is a bar-restaurant, which could only be called the Piazzetta.

Despite the lack of imagination in the name and a careless style, it enjoys an incredible view overlooking the gulf, but above all a cuisine so homemade and tasty that it makes you lose your mind. I think I officially fell in love with Procida after having lunch here for the first time with tortiglioni with sardines and sautéed seafood, and then decide to go back 2 more times and not miss the rest of the menu, including pizza.

There are many restaurants in Procida, but as in all seaside places, it is not always easy to choose the right one, the biggest risk is that they are too touristy and therefore lack quality. Besides "The Piazzetta", that I still haven't figured out if the portions of the dishes or the dishes are more amazing absolutely low cost price, not to be missed is also the Vivara restaurant, located on the Ciraccio beach.

More elegant and with refined cuisine, the Vivara restaurant has some outdoor tables directly on the beach, perfect for dining in front of the sunset show. Fried Paranza, zucchini pie, shrimp and buffalo, tartare and first courses are the specialties of the restaurant: for the location it offers and the service, it has very good prices.

I'll be honest, I left a Procida a part of my heart, it will be for that September sun still summer, that Mediterranean atmosphere, the slow life that flows, the scents and colors, but precisely on that island, so scenic, I found a serenity that few places in the world , they passed on to me.

So to take heart from the sadness of returning to the old dear Emilia Romagna, I stopped in Naples for a breakfast based on sfogliatelle, cannoli and coffee in one of the best pastry shops in the city: Heart of Sfogliatella, central station area. Then I took my train again, always a little sad, but with sfogliatelle in my heart.

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