Caribbean cruise travel story to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Bahamas.

Here I am back from an AI cruise Arabic nothing short of spectacular, an experience that I highly recommend everyone to live at least once in their life.

The holiday was booked entirely from the Internet, months before leaving (as soon as the offer arrived, we started to book, a really convenient system that I recommend to everyone!).

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Caribbean cruise itinerary, useful tips and information

Now I'll tell you a little about our itinerary.


Preferred Date 1; departure from Milan Malpensa at 7 am Lufthansa flight on time, stopover in Frankfurt and then off to Miami arrival at 13.

The controls in America are almost crazy they checked us one by one with metal detectors, various palpations, fingerprints, photos and at the exit they even made us take off our shoes.

Waiting for us to Miami an employee of the Royal who accompanies us to the bus that will take us to the hotel where we will spend the night, the bus trip already makes me understand that what I imagined about the United States is just like that, everything is great, starting from the streets.

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In the hotel there is another Costa employee who welcomes us and offers us lemonade and delicious cooky.

We take a stroll around Miami, go to dinner in a typical steakhouse in the Art Deco area and then go to bed exhausted.

Day 2: morning spent in Miami Beach, Ocean Drive, it seems to be on the set of Miami Vice huge machines other very strange, the turrets of the baywatches, I do not think I am in a place that I had only seen in the TV series.

The tour ends here, a bus awaits us for the port.

And here we are in front of a huge ship, we go up to our cabin on the eighth floor with a balcony, what a show, I immediately want to explore it all but I will certainly not make it in an afternoon.

Day 3: full day of navigation, I place myself on the deck and take my first sun, the ship organizes everything and more entertainment, games, there are swimming pools, gym, whirlpool, sauna, casino (very popular with American women).

Very good food, you are treated like gentlemen, the cleanliness is maximum, the cabin is redone twice a day and at any time there is someone to meet your needs.


Day 4: I arrive in Puerto Rico, we do for our own business a tour of the old city, characteristic but nothing special in stark contrast with the new part that seems to be in Ocean Drive.

In the evening I bought an excursion that will prove to be a unique experience, they take us to a bay in the evening and with kayaks we cross a channel surrounded by mangroves and as we pass the water lights up thanks to bioluminescent microorganisms, a sight to take away from the breath all in a surreal silence.


Day 5: destination S. Thomas (Virgin Islands), we went ashore we go with a huge catamaran to S. John which they tell us to be much more beautiful and indeed it is, here we snorkel (it's not the red sea but it's fun).

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Day 6: Dominican Rep., Catalina Island, this island is exclusively used by the passengers of the Costa ships, practically the entire ship moves there including the kitchen in fact they organize a mega barbecue on the beach, we are greeted by music and dancers who involve us in their dances.

In the afternoon we decide to take an excursion to the Roman style, with a fast shuttle they take us to a mangrove area within a natural park, we take an ancient wooden boat and row through it, discovering a lot of huge birds. beautiful and particular so we arrive at a natural pool where we bathe.

Day 7: full day of navigation, today the theme of the day is “Spanish Day” but look at it…. We organize lessons in tarantella, cooking of typical dishes, and at dinner Filipino waiters improvise dancers to the notes of Volare version of Disco Americans have a lot of fun, and in fact it's a nice thing.


Day 8: I arrive at Bahamas, Nassau, the impression is of a city a little fake tailored for tourists especially near the port, but nice all very colorful especially the houses.

We decide to leave Nassau and take an excursion to the real Bahamas and so with a boat we go to a beautiful island on the way you can see on the coast some amazing houses with huge yachts "parked" in front of them certainly will not belong to the locals.

On the islet we spend the afternoon between the hammock and the crystal clear water, which is an earthly paradise.

Day 9: The ship arrives at its destination, we find ourselves in Miami, the Royal organizes a couple of hours of shopping for us before taking us to the airport.

Day 10: I arrive in Milan always on time already I feel the sadness that overwhelms me.


I found everything really beautiful, I think the Royal Caribbean people do everything to not make you regret every euro spent, they pamper you, they spoil you, you always come first, great organization from the moment you set foot in the airport until you leave it .

The only thing excursions their prices are a bit high and sometimes not justified but you can't have everything.

Don't miss an unforgettable vacation like this.

Hello everyone and have a nice trip.

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