A Sunday in search of the bargain

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If you happen to be a Barcelona a first Sunday of the month, you are a lover of antique markets and by now you have visited the visible I propose an excursion to Mercantic.

It's a matter of antiques market to the French style, opened for at least 20 years in the charming town of San Cugat (20 minutes from Barcelona) following the closure of an old ceramic factory. Today it consists of a permanent area with furniture shops and artisan shops and an outdoor area that comes alive only on some special occasions: the first Sunday of each month from the 8 15, during what in Catalan are called "descarregadas" (literally "download")

You can find everything there: from the ancients bidet, To sofas chester in worn leather. Give her vichy water bottles from the 50s to cardboard suitcases. In conclusion…. a veritable mine of buying possibilities and ideas for lovers of the genre.

Also, always inside the market you will find one second hand bookcase transformed into a bar / cultural association, "El Siglo"Which offers typical aperitifs with music, to rest the limbs and the sight and prepare the stomach for lunch that you can enjoy at" Amparito ". Also in this restaurant there is no lack of music: in the middle of the room there is a rotunda with a lot of jazz ensemble to make lunch lighter.

Rius i Taulet, 120
San Cugat del Vallès
Accessible by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Trains from Plaza Catalunya

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