Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama useful tips and information

I have been to Panama only for ten days, just enough time to touch and admire its innumerable wonders up close.

I decided, following this nothing short of fantastic trip, to write a sort of guide that can be useful to all those who visit this land that has nothing but the marvelous.

I will not dwell much on the details of the trip, on the contrary, I will try to be very concise so that the reading can be quick and informative.

Let's start with the places I recommend to visit once you arrive in Panama.

Panama places to visit

Panama guide and information

Obviously the first stop is Panama City, a place that appeared to me, unlike what I had read around, very safe and quiet with a constant cordial sympathy from the people who live there.

In fact, people found her to be very relaxed and kind.

The city has good infrastructures (even if there are no sidewalks and roads do not have excellent usability) has an excellent airport and connections, this is because it seems to be constantly subsidized by the USA due to the strategic nature of the canal.

Panama travel story and advice

A first piece of advice: move by taxi, they cost very little and you will arrive immediately at your destination (the price ranges from 1,5 to 3 dollars per trip).

Second tip: don't miss the old part of Panama, it is very charming and you have the opportunity to eat excellent dishes in the many restaurants, in the evening it is spectacular.

Panama guide and information

Another stop not to be missed is theBocas del Toro Archipelago.

It goes without saying that once you land in these tropical islands it seems to be in a real paradise.

The beaches are white, enriched by a fauna and flora to be touched by hand.

The thing that surprised me most of all is that many of the islands in the archipelago are wild and protected from Bastimentos National Park.

Here do not miss the opportunity to practice diving, snorkelling and swimming, and if you manage to witness an unparalleled spectacle of nature, the laying of sea turtles' eggs, you will be amazed.

Panama guide and information

Do not miss a visit to theCoiba Island, located far from the coast and inaccessible to crowds of visitors, this island is an ecological oasis of spectacular beauty: here it is possible to admire the second barrier Reef of the eastern Pacific characterized by a marine life compared in variety and species to that of the isolate Galapagos.

During the excursion on this island I was able to meet the killer whales and sperm whales that seasonally plow the waters.

Even if the original fish of this sea is the frog fish, really funny! Here I took part in a snorkeling tour by boat, it is an experience that I will always take with me.


For the more adventurous in Panama it is possible to practice the Rafting and kayak, to dash down the rapids of the Chiriqui River and Old Chiriqui River ready to experience continuous adrenaline rushes.

For those who want, instead, a more peaceful excursion made mainly of sun and sea, a small capital on one of the three hundred islands that characterize theArcipelago of San Blàs.

Isola Contadora Panama

 Panama guide and information

Here it is like being in an Eden of turquoise waters and coconut palms: ideal for those who love relaxation. Also here it is possible to meet and get to know different indigenous tribes.

And lastly, I have reserved the undisputed goal: Costa Rica! You can't miss it .. it is an oasis of tranquility rich in natural beauty and a floral and faunal heritage that is surprising.

Here there is a strict environmental protection program that attracts tourists from all over the world.

There are many surfers who come here from all over the world to ride the waves.

Panama guide and information

In short, within a few kilometers from Panama you can explore a real paradise: a tropical jungle, deserted beaches, streams, and an infinite variety of animals that inhabit this wonderful land.

A destination to visit at least once in one's life.

Panama what to know

- For those unfamiliar with Spanish (the official language in Panama): bring with you a dictionary of English languages ​​that speak it everywhere well and almost.

- The currency is the US dollar even if the local currency exists, the Balboa, which is used only for change.

- As for the climate, it is Caribbean-like with hot, dry summers and non-existent winters.

But be careful: for 4 months of the year the rains constantly wet this region, so the best time to visit this land is from mid-December to mid-April when the humidity is definitely more acceptable for us Europeans.

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Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

Panama guide and information

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