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Panama information and tips

I have been to Panama for about 15 days with my family.

It was a great vacation, unlike what you might think Panama is an absolutely safe and quiet place where people are very relaxed and kind, there is no crime and the infrastructure is excellent (except the roads).

Panama language, currency and climate

Panama is one of the very few states of the Central America aided by the USA, thanks to the strategic nature of the canal (which joins the Atlantic to the Pacific).

In Panama we speak English and a type of Spanish that is easier for us than Argentines or other South Americans.

The currency is the US dollar (the local currency, the Balboa, it is used only for small change, which by the way are absolutely similar to American cents).

Panama travel story and advice

In Panama the climate is tropical therefore it is hot all year round and has a dry season (from January to April) and a rainy season (from May to December).

The rains mostly occur in the form of strong downpours or thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening, but they can continue even in the early hours of the night.

Temperatures vary little throughout the year, however the coolest months, or rather less hot, are often October and November, at the end of the rainy season, even if during this period the heat makes the heat unpleasant.

The hottest period is usually March-April, i.e. before the rainy season.

Panama city, which I recommend to visit, is an American-style city, with a new part made up of skyscrapers and a very beautiful skyline.

It is not pleasant to walk around and practically impossible with a stroller (I had my 8 month old son with me), given the almost total lack of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

To get around it is useful to take a taxi. There are two types of taxis: tourist and regular.

The former wait outside the big hotels, while the latter take to the streets (and at times they can be really broken).

Prices are very popular, a regular taxi costs between $ 1,5 and $ 3 per trip, maximum $ 5, while a tourist taxi costs between $ 4 and $ 10.

Panama where to eat, what to eat and clubs

Old Panama o Old Town it is very charming and with great restaurants and is the ideal destination for the evening.

For shopping fanatics, there are template (shopping malls) of excellent standard, with all the usual international brands, good prices and air conditioning at full throttle.

The canal is worth a visit.

The first lock is very close to Panama city, is called Miraflor and has both an interesting museum and a restaurant with great views (and a rich but average buffet).

You eat very well and with excellent prices.

Isola Contadora Panama

So much fish e meat grilled, tropical fruit of an exceptional level.

If you go during the carnival week, know that it is packed so move well in advance.

We wanted to visit theisolate Accountant, tropical paradise of which we have been told a lot of good, but you had to book at least a month in advance.

We spent four days at the Royal Decameron, a resort on the Pacific shore and we enjoyed it.

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