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Isola Contadora useful advice on what to do and what to visit.

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  • Contadora Panama what to see, places to visit and the most beautiful beaches
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Contadora Island holidays tips and information

THEisolate Accountant o Contadora Island is an island located inarchipelago of the Pearls in the gulf of Panama.

Wet ofPacific Ocean, at the time it was the main pearl trade by the Spaniards.

It is currently one of the tourist destinations most expensive and most sought after of all United States of America and owns a airport regional active for both the tourism than to trade with Panama and the other islands of the archipelago.

THEisola it is inhabited by about 500 people and there are no cars, you can move purely on foot or you can rent a moped or a golf car.

Contadora Panama what to see, places to visit and the most beautiful beaches

On the north side ofCounter Isolate there are the most beautiful beaches and the best tourist centers.

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Executive Beach it is the most beautiful beach on the island where you can do it safely snorkeling having fun watching many varieties of fish.

A Playa Galeon there are most of the tourist services and there is also the berth of the ferries that they shuttle with Panama and the neighboring islands.

In the southern part of the island there are forests and uncrowded beaches and the most famous beach is Cacique Beach where there is a beautiful romantic restaurant and where you can taste excellent cuisine in complete relaxation.

For those who are fond of nudism can go to swedish beach which is the only nudist beach, hardly ever visited.

On the western high of the island it is located Casas Particulares Playa Larga which is half a kilometer of white sand and lush greenery.

While in the central part of the island of Contadora you can admire the barrier Reef and a wreck of a ship that ran aground on the beach on which it is possible to get on with particular attention.

Contadora Island excursions

Sull 'Contadora island it is possible to admire many species of animals such as the peacock,for macao and Titi monkey which is a monkey that almost assumes human features and in the period from June to December the excursions to the sea for whale watching depart.

You can also make beautiful excursions by visiting the other islands of theLas Perlas archipelago.

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Isola Contadora how to get there

You can arrive on the island either by plane starting from Panama city and booking the flight with Air Panama or with ships / ferries of the shipping companies Sea Las Perlas and Ferry Las Perlas.

Staff wishes everyone a good trip to this beautiful island.

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Contadora Panama pictures and photos

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