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    What to eat on a trip to India

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    Indian cuisine, spicy and fragrant, is one of the most particular in the world. Here is a post on what to eat in India and which typical dishes you cannot miss to be able to say that you have seen, but also tasted the real India.

    In India, the first thing you notice in front of a buffet of typical Indian dishes are its colors. Extensive use is made here of spices of all kinds, some of which are almost unknown to us in the West. Consequently, the flavors of the dishes can be truly new on the palate.

    Some dishes may be a little too spicy for those who are not used to it. After 20 days, however, I guarantee you will get used to it.

    Many of the typical dishes are also Vegetarians, for mostly religious reasons. This choice, however, does not absolutely limit the variety of dishes, quite the contrary. In the kitchen they come to use numerous varieties of vegetables and legumes, combined in endless delicious variations.

    Finally, it is good to know that in India you eat with your hands. Of course, in the main tourist hotels and restaurants you will always find cutlery, but in reality you use your hands, or rather your hand: the right one.

    With it the ingredients are mixed in the dish and the fingers are positioned in such a way as to create a sort of pliers. I warn you, to do this without getting creamed, it will take a little practice!

    If you find yourself exploring an Indian city and looking for a restaurant, keep in mind that many are referred to as "hotels". When you read this sign in front of a place that has little good in the hotel, you will know that you will most likely eat there. And after making these brief basic premises to Indian cuisine, here it is some advices on what to eat in India.

    Masala Chai

    It is a drink based on tea and spices and is consumed both during meals and instead of coffee after lunch and dinner or at snack time. It is often served with added milk.


    Typical Indian bread which is very reminiscent of our piadina. It is baked in the tandoor oven and retains a flat shape. In India it is used to accompany and properly take dishes, instead of cutlery. The taste seems very light, so the risk of eating plenty of it is around the corner.


    Perhaps the only cheese I have tasted in India. Very reminiscent of tofu, both in taste and in texture. It is often prepared with vegetable and curry soups, although there are endless other recipes to enjoy.


    The basic ingredients of this dish are lentils and curry, cooked together in a pan with various spices. Eventually the legumes will become almost a velvety and can be eaten with white rice or chapati bread. Perhaps one of my favorite dishes in India.

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