Maré, where to eat in Cesenatico

I have finally been to Maré! After having been there twice and having always found it full "cause" weddings, I was able to have lunch in this fabulous place in Cesenatico.

I must say that the lunch was very satisfying with a very rich and varied buffet. Next time I will try to go for lunch ordering with a menu so we see the differences. For the moment I can tell you that the location deserves a lot, outside for the beauty of the landscape, the sea is in front, and if the day is beautiful you can also get a tan, inside for the minuteness of details of which the place is composed.

The inside of the Maré has a kind of internal courtyard made up of bathing cabins from the bathing establishments, while the inside is all in white wood just as I like it. The advice is to go for an aperitif to see the location and then .... in my opinion you will also stay for dinner;)

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