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    Palermo in two days: 4 unmissable stops

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    It is always the right time to visit Palermo: a mix of different cultures and influences! In the post, tips for two days in the magnificent Sicilian capital.

    Visit Palermo is possible in just two days, the only difficulty you will find will be to leave!
    Whether you are looking for a weekend of culture, or you want to make the diet just a memory, you have chosen the right place: thanks to the different civilizations that have dominated this magnificent capital over the centuries, you can find an abundance of artistic works and a blend of flavors that will please eyes and palate.

    How to move in Palermo

    If you reach Palermo by plane, it will be easy to get to the center thanks to the different buses departing from the airport or on board a rental car (in the high season it is advisable to book it online, and close to departure you will find more advantageous prices) .
    However, the car is not the most comfortable choice for getting around the city, and since the size of Palermo allows it, the advice is to visit it on foot. In fact, in the historic center you will find cultural works of extraordinary beauty that will leave you speechless.

    1. Politeama Theater and Massimo Theater

    As proof of the cultural vivacity of this place, there are two giants of the theater: Teatro Politeama and Teatro Massimo.
    Both were born in the same historical moment, that is in the second half of the 1800s. The first rises in Piazza Ruggero Settimo and is the seat of the Sicilian Symphony; not far away, in Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, stands the second, the largest opera house in Italy.

    2. The Quattro Canti

    At the intersection of the two main streets of the city are the Quattro Canti: the facades of four buildings interact with each other in one of what I think is one of the most evocative visions of the city. Each bears a royal coat of arms, a fountain with one of the four seasons, a Spanish ruler and one of the four patron saints of the city. Don't miss this show, but be careful because the road is hardly ever closed to traffic.

    3. The Cathedral of Palermo

    How not to mention the wonderful Cathedral of Palermo, it will jump out of sight almost suddenly and take you back to a different historical and spatial dimension: the long and troubled history of this huge building has in fact also seen it as the seat of a mosque over the centuries . In some periods of the year you can take advantage of the evening visit to the rooftops.

    4. Church of San Cataldo and Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio

    The Church of San Cataldo and that of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio are nearby: here too a mix of styles (Byzantine, Norman and Baroque) will only surprise you in all their majestic beauty. By paying the ticket (about € 2) for access to one of these churches, you will get the reduction for the entrance to the other buildings.

    Where to eat in Palermo

    Between one stop and another you cannot fail to be attracted by the numerous and greedy Sicilian specialties that will tempt you at every corner. For the arancine, "Ke Palle, arancine signature": some outdoor tables will allow you a short stop to enjoy the liveliness of the street in which it is located.
    For a more substantial meal for dinner, I recommend a stop at La Tavernaccia: good, typical and cheap!

    Let's not forget that Palermo is located near the sea, so why give up a walk along the Mondello seafront?

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