Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

Where to sleep in Rome, how to get advice on hotels from those who have already been there, what to pay attention to and in which location to book the hotel, these and other tips for sleeping in the Eternal City.

Un trip to Rome it is always worthwhile, whether it takes place in summer, autumn or winter which in Rome is never too cold. Rome is the Eternal City, the metropolis with museums that are always open, the pinkest sunsets and aperitifs in Trastevere. A holiday in Rome has nothing difficult, in fact it is often enough to leave and start walking, getting lost in the alleys of Monti district, among those of Testaccio enjoying a scratchy in summer or of roasted chestnuts in winter.

Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

The only question mark of a trip to Rome is always the accommodation and the question that arises when thinking about a trip to the Capital it's always the same, and now where do I book?
The city is huge and there are so many offers from tourist facilities that for those who are not used to it, it is difficult to extricate themselves and really understand which hotel is worth booking, in which area of ​​Rome and which service to rely more on.

Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

First of all the location

Rome is huge. In just one weekend you might be able to see maybe half of them, but in a superficial way, but don't give up, Rome is the Eternal City and there will undoubtedly be a reason to come back for a holiday again. The first thing to keep in mind, in my opinion, if you are planning a vacation in Rome, is the location of the hotel. If you arrive in train try not to stay too far from the subway, any stop is fine, as long as you don't have to make countless changes or pieces on foot. In fact, if you stay only a few days this could penalize you and take away precious time to discover the capital.

Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

I recommend the Prati district that I personally love, Ottaviano stop for example, where there are many shopping streets, but also because it is about a 15-minute walk from Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Navona and the historic center in general.

City tax

Once you have spotted a couple of hotels and accommodation facilities, start investigating the services offered, but not only. Pay attention to the tourist tax, which for hotels can be as high as € 4/5 per night per person. If there are two of you and you stay two nights, it is a cost that you must take into account. I'm not suggesting you not to stay in these structures for the tourist tax, God forbid, I'm just reminding you to pay attention to not arrive unprepared, also because the tourist tax must be paid in cash at checkout from the hotel.

Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

Guarantees from friends and relatives

The searches that are done online before booking a room are always the most important, because we do them ourselves, because we can compare with a few clicks the photos, the official and non-official websites and the reviews of those who have been there. But let's not forget how much It is also important to trust the advice of friends and relatives, of people who know us best and that, unlike some websites and online reviews, they recommend that hotel that we had discarded because they know that we are interested in a service that is perhaps only mentioned on the site.

Sleeping in Rome with Smartbox boxes

Three Hotels in Rome with Smartbox

Among the hotels recommended for a stay in Rome, there are three that are included in three different Smartbox boxes, the first Mille e una Favola, the second A destination in three days and the third Romantic Night.

Starhotels Michelangelo, a hotel located a few steps from St. Peter's Square, with a view of Michelangelo's dome. There are one hundred and seventy-nine rooms in this four-star hotel located in the Prati area and which is a perfect mix of elegance and sobriety, natural light and color.

BEST WESTERN Hotel President, the 4-star hotel is located in the historic center of Rome, a few steps from archaeological sites such as the Colosseum and the Domus Aurea. The strength of this structure is that it offers family rooms, for those who want a relaxing holiday but without forgetting the children. The restaurant is Italian but also offers continental dishes.

Hotel Villa Pirandello, in the Montesacro district, a stone's throw from the Museums of Villa Torlonia, is the Hotel Villa Pirandello, perfect for a romantic stay for two. Hospitality is the strong point of this Smartbox which offers a welcome drink for two people in the elegant villa with Sicilian tones.

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