Where to eat in Tivoli, Giuseppe's advice

Tivoli it is a small town not far from Rome rich in history and good food, known to the world for its beautiful villas. Villa d'Este, garden symbol of the Italian Renaissance, Villa Adriana, majestic residence of the homonymous Roman emperor e Villa Gregoriana, embellished under the authority of Pope Gregory XVI which offers visitors a romantic walk among the waterfalls of the Aniene river.

The first stop on our gastronomic itinerary is at the pastry bar The celestial where having breakfast is not a hasty daily ritual, but it is an opportunity to enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation where you can delight your palate with an excellent cappuccino and croissant. I recommend trying the great variety of handmade croissants and for the greedy ones the croissant with white chocolate.

We continue our walk around the city, admiring the palaces of the '700 typical of via del Trevio, a place for shopping and meetings, finally we arrive in Piazza Plebiscito where the fruit and vegetable market oldest in the city. It is almost time for lunch and it is time to have an aperitif to stimulate the appetite a little. In the vicinity of the square there is From Maurizio an ice cream bar where you can enjoy an excellent aperitif based on Spritz, green olives, bruschetta with pate and various cold cuts for just a few euros. For non-appetizer lovers I suggest opting for a nice one homemade ice cream at the fruit .

It's time to have lunch: I want to introduce you to lasagna alla norcina or straw and hay di Alfredo at the ladder a typical family-run restaurant that ensures an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. After the excellent first, it's time for the second: I suggest you tease your cravings with some Roman tripe or with a nice grilled Florentine steak accompanied by a side of roasted potatoes.

Do you think you are too heavy? So let's get ready to stroll in the green of Villa Gregoriana: with all its ups and downs our appetite will be skyrocketing again, ready for a new binge. Well, summer has arrived and with the summer the ice cream shops reopen and now, after all this walking, I really want a good Mariannina's ice cream, the historic Tiburtina ice cream shop. I recommend a nice hazelnut-flavored cone, bacio and stracciatella with double cream.

It is almost evening on sunset is coloring the whole valley orange. I know the perfect place to look at this view and enjoy an excellent one pre-dinner aperitif; let's move to the historic center of the city near the Gregorian bridge. Here is the Flo's Bar where Flo, the beautiful owner of Luxembourgish origin, will delight us with her cocktails and snacks. The place is very trendy and the closed terrace allows you to admire a dream panorama.

At dinner I want to take you to eat in a monument, It is not possible? In Tivoli I know the right restaurant, near the north exit of the Villa Gregoriana and in the heart of the citadel, the historic center of Tivoli, there is the restaurant The Sibyl. It is the oldest in the city, elegant and stately, it is the perfect place to sip excellent wine and savor tasty dishes of Lazio cuisine. The restaurant has a terrace-garden unusual: it is possible to taste all your dishes immersed in the company of two ancient temples Romans, the temple of Vesta, and of the Sibyl, two splendid works that combined with the panorama make the restaurant unique in the world.

Despite having this peculiarity, the rapporto qualità / prezzo it's great. Let yourself be delighted by the excellent homemade bread, from the typical salami of Lazio and from the creative cuisine of the chef from Tiburtino. We have now reached the conclusion of ours gastronomic tour in the ancient city of Tibur I hope I made your mouth water and want to try these delights yourself.


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