Milan, where do you go for a swim out of town?

With the arrival of heat and summer, if you are unable to leave for the weekend, you can at least give yourself a bathroom near Milan going and coming back in the day.

From this point of view, Milan is in a privileged position, being 1-2h by car from the sea, lakes and some beautiful rivers: there is something for everyone! Here you will find different solutions, from free beaches on rivers, to lakes and the sea, to equipped beaches where you can book your sunbed to avoid surprises.

The most beautiful places to swim near Milan:

Trebbia River (2h from Milan)

Il Trebbia river, in the Piacenza area, crosses the homonymous valley for many kilometers and offers several points where you can stop for a swim, with an adjoining picnic surrounded by nature.

Many stop right below Bobbio, which is a very beautiful village, however. I prefer to go a little further, just before or after Marsaglia. From Milan take the A1 motorway to Piacenza Sud, then the SS45 state road to Bobbio or Marsaglia. Already several kilometers before Bobbio you will begin to see several cars parked in several points. Obviously the easily accessible places are more crowded, but there are spots where you can practically be alone (and clearly they are the best). You will need to arm yourself with a little spirit of adventure and, above all, a spirit of observation. Several points of descent to the river are well hidden by the guard rail, but you just need to follow someone in the place to understand that you are on the right path.

Le beaches along the Trebbia are really beautiful and uncrowded. Obviously you won't find kiosks or anything else where to buy a drink or food, so get yourself food and drinks before you go down (and remember to take all the rubbish back with you!).

PS Until not too long ago it was also possible to do free camping, now there are many checks and you risk heavy fines ... so ... I do not recommend it (unless you find a way to hide the car very well and curtains).

Monate Lake (1h from Milan)

Il Monate lake it is a small lake located between Lake Varese and Lake Maggiore. To reach it, take the Sempione road (E62) and exit at Vergiate; from there then it's a few kilometers (watch out for speed cameras which are full!). There are at least two establishments where you can go for a swim: The beach e The Larch. They are both very cute!

They have a lawn with the possibility of renting deck chairs, a bar / restaurant and sports facilities for those who do not want to sit still on their stomachs (beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.). Il Larice also has a picnic area equipped with grills for bbq lovers and a play area for families with children.

The lake water is clear, clean and transparent. Absolutely recommended!

Segrino lake (1h from Milan)

Il Segrino lake it is a little gem to be found near Erba and Canzo, and is equidistant from Como and Lecco (but is located in the province of Como). To reach it from Milan you will have to take the state road SS 36 towards Lecco and exit at Annone B: after about 6 km you will find it on your right. The Segrino lake is a small elongated lake of glacial origin and is considered il cleanest lake in Europe thanks to its underground sources and the absence of pollution from motor boats (the use of which is prohibited). The lake is surrounded by mountains and by the green of reeds, willows and poplars, and it is possible to do a complete tour of the lake on foot (it is about 5 km long) starting from the establishment Lido del Segrino. Here you will find an equipped beach where you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, kayaks, canoes, sup and bicycles. The beach also has a bar-restaurant, showers and toilets. As with all beaches, due to Covi 19 it is preferable (if not mandatory) to book your "station" first and you can do it directly through this link.

Lake Lecco / Como (1h from Milan)

A place that I have known for a couple of years and that I love very much is the beach of the Parco di Ulisse Guzzi, in Abbadia Lariana. Coming from Milan, you pass Lecco and after a few kilometers there is the “Abbadia Lariana” exit (the entrance to the park is indicated on the left after a kilometer or so).

It is incredibly easy and convenient to reach even for those without a car, the Abbadia train station is 500 meters from the beach! The water of the lake here is very clear, there is a pebble beach, and the beautiful lawn of the park. There is also a bar / kiosk where you can rent deck chairs and sun loungers. In the summer season the bar often organizes aperitifs / events with DJ sets.

Continuing beyond Abbadia Lariana you reach the town of Mandello del Lario. His too shore (public) is very nice and made of both sand and stones. Access is free, but sun loungers and umbrellas can be hired at the bar located at the entrance. Here you will also find all the services: showers, changing rooms and toilets.

Going further there is then lierna, another very nice place that I recently discovered. Its free beach of White shore it is enclosed in a very pretty bay behind which is the ancient one village of Castello. The beach is half of white pebbles and half of lawn, it is not equipped, but there is Riva Bianca Bar to refresh you. . Absolutely recommended!

At the extreme north of the lake there are then dervio and, lastly, Colico, two places much loved especially by those who practice water sports. Their shores are notoriously windy enough, then perfect for sailing, surfing and kite-surfing.

See also thearticle on trips to the lake .

Miami Beach - Lake Orta (1h20 from Milan)

Among the beautiful places where you can take a bath near Milan I certainly also put the lake Orta, one of my absolute favorites. Orta San Giulio it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the nature surrounding the lake is phenomenal. If you want to combine the two I recommend the Miami Beach, an equipped sandy beach located 3 km from Orta S.Giulio. Surrounded by greenery, the Miami Beach offers a bar-restaurant where you can eat local cuisine, sandwiches and cocktails, umbrellas, deck chairs, showers and, above all, a breathtaking view of the island of San Giulio and Monte Rosa. The beach is not very big so, especially for the weekend, you should definitely book your entrance through this site.

Ph. Facebook page "Spiaggia Miami"

Sori (2h from Milan)

Sori is a very small country of Liguria, very close to the most famous Recco.

From Milan take the Serravalle and exit at Genova Nervi or Recco. From there, follow the signs for the Sori train station and park where you can (it's not always an easy task). Right under the station, asking for information (there are no signs), you can reach the Sillo baths, which are located right above the rocks.

It is a little hidden place, but very beautiful! I must admit that I love him very much also because you can't find screaming children there .. and you can be in peace.  The Baths are located right on the rocks (there are small concrete platforms) and you have to jump to swim (obviously to go up there is a ladder!).

There is a very nice bar / restaurant for both eating and drinking; the aperitif at Bagni Sillo is very well known in the area .. you can't help but watch the sunset from there while sipping the famous “sillone”! It is not very cheap (like all of Liguria on the other hand!), But it's worth it! PS you cannot pay with an ATM!

Cervo (2h30 from Milan)

Cervo is a wonderful medieval village located near Alassio. Unlike many places in Liguria, it is little known and little beaten by mass tourism (luckily I would add!). From Milan take the Genoa-Ventimiglia and exit at Cervo-San Bartolomeo.

Coming off the highway you will see the beautiful village perched on the mountain; immediately below (and reachable by a staircase, if you decide to take a walk around the village first) there is a small beach and rocks, with the terrace of the bar / restaurant "Il Porteghetto". Here they rent you deckchairs, umbrellas and sunbeds (if you want to stay on the concrete platform) or some cushions that you can use on the rocks. If you prefer the beach, there is the kiosk on the free beach next door that rents everything and where you can eat. A truly beautiful place, off the beaten track of Liguria .. trust us!

Find lots of other information about Cervo in the article: Cervo, a pearl of Liguria

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