The Antenna dal Morino, at the Sant'Agata Truffle Fair

Every year the appointment at Truffle Fair a Sant'Agata Feltria (RN) is not to be missed, but I don't really like eating in the marquee in the center of the town, where the local restaurants serve their best courses: you risk eating standing up, taking the dishes is dispersive and it's a real chaos.

I prefer to take the car and move inland to have a proper lunch atAntenna del Morino, a family-run restaurant immersed in the greenery of the Valmarecchia. The menu is fixed and obviously starts with the appetizers: a plate of mixed croutons and panzerottini, croutons and baskets of porcini and croutons and saccottini of truffle. The former are usually cappelletti with truffles (exquisite!), mushroom soup and polenta wholemeal with sauce of boar. Yesterday's main courses were cooked ham with pumpkin purée, guinea fowl with chestnuts and turkey with mushrooms. Finally a mix of sweets and artisanal grappa. Everything is traditional and feels like eating at home: rustic wooden furnishings.

It is usually advisable book, because it is always very full, and the cost is about 40€, but if you think about the quantity of courses and the prestige of the truffle, it is worth taking a leap into the autumn season. Note also about the service: waiters and owners very kind and willing to meet every request. It has now become a tradition for me.

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