3 pastry shops in Florence for all tastes

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Dedicated to gluttons: on the same road as Firenze, in a distance of a few hundred meters, you can taste examples of pastry masterpieces from three countries, all in a row. The road is Borgo La Croce and its continuation which is called via Pietrapiana; the three countries are the United States, Austria and, of course, Italy.

Therefore, starting from Piazza Beccaria, the first greedy shop you find is Sugar & Spice, the American pastry. I have already talked about it in this portal, but it is worth remembering: the place is small, the aroma upon entering is divine and all the sweets are produced by the lady and her daughter. Among the specialties obviously the cheese cake, an amazing crumble of apples and red fruits, then depending on the season pumpkin cake or fudgecake. There are also ultra-imaginative cup cakes, which are now very fashionable. A nice piece of cake costs 3,30 euros and a cup of American coffee is offered for free.

A little further up here is the new opening of the Viennese café in Florence, the Rainer coffee: it is the second place in town, after the small one in via delle Ruote. This is spacious, there are many small tables to sit quietly and a large showcase of delicacies. Austrian sweets then: Apfelstrudel, glossy chocolate Sachertorte, Stollen for Christmas, Black Forest and so on and so forth. A slice of cake costs 3,50 euros; the bar has an Italian and Viennese café (don't be prejudiced and try it, it's worth it!).

And finally the Italian tradition of Nencini: a historic pastry shop, near the Loggia del Pesce. More Florentine environment, the elderly owner always present who keeps everything - and everyone - under control, and the desserts on display that respect tradition: the single portions of schiacciata with grapes in autumn, the rice and apple fritters at Carnival, the single-portion creme caramel, in February the flattened Florentine style, grandmother's cakes, millefeuille. At Christmas the panettone made by them and at Easter a very good dove. Traditional, yes, but what goodness! The prices here are quite low, breakfast is not a luxury.

Well, did I make your mouth water?

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