Salerno, where to eat the best pizza

Where to eat something typical and excellent in Salerno, we are at the Pizza Più pizzeria, here are the reasons why we recommend this place, not only for the pizzas, but also for the raw materials and the very courteous service!

More than for the very low cost aspect, you will appreciate this pizza for the fact that it is really good. Personally I use the pizzeria Pizza More for over 15 years and, despite the offer of dozens of clubs in the city of Salerno, my loyalty says a lot!

The pizzeria is in an excellent position: directly in front of the convenient parking of Concordia Square and the beautiful promenade of the Lungomare di Salerno. Behind it, just a few steps away, is the pedestrian Corso di Salerno with bars and windows for shopping lovers.

The pizzeria is actually located in a place Spartan, with no frills or fashion frills from an architectural firm. However, due to its simplicity, this place immediately becomes familiar, intimate and welcoming. The service he is always very fast and the staff are courteous and friendly.

But let's get to the pizza: thin type with high cornice, well alveolate and, above all, well cooked. The dimensions are considerable forget the miserable round pizzas of a few square cm! This pizza, at times, even overflows from the same plate. Exceptional flavor, very balanced flavors and ingredients and perfect cooking. Proposed in different variations, the Pizza Più pizza can be accompanied by the many delicacies offered by the restaurant: come on crocchè with salami and mozzarella racy, up to the mythical ones medallions (I highly recommend them) in the shape of a small sandwich made with potato gato stuffed with real buffalo mozzarella from Campania.

Another aspect, that of mozzarella, not to be underestimated at all: in fact, I saw them with my own eyes packs of DOP mozzarella of local dairies, peeking through the kitchen doors. And then again arancini, pancakes various and delicious appetizers.

The offer of desserts at the end of the meal is also very valid: the pizzeria is served by a renowned and ancient Salerno pastry shop, the Dolceria Pantaleone, offering the famous "cardinal's scazzetta"Or the Witch cake flavored with the liqueur of the same name.

I Costi? Really low cost! A Pizza margherita normal that is with mozzarella fior di latte costs (or does not cost) the beauty of 3€! With the addition of abundant buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP the cost rises to just € 5. The medallions and crocchè cost 0,80 cents each. The generous portion of dessert € 4 and cover charge only € 1. Smiles and courtesy of the managers always free!

A little one of mine smart advice: in the Christmas period of Luci d'Artista avoid going to the pizzeria very late. Prefer the time slot 20: 00/20: 30 or you will be swallowed up in a Dantesque bedlam. The value for money of this pizza is so good that the vast majority of tourists prefer it to the rest. Suffice it to mention the fact that, among the "serial" customers of the restaurant, there are entire groups of Trenitalia controllers who usually dine here.

Another guarantee of goodness of this pizza: I heard with my ears some visitors from Naples, at the table next to mine (always the historic table 25!), who complimented the pizza chef claiming that his pizza was like the classic Neapolitan pizza. Pizza Più is also open for lunch and also functions as a restaurant. The fact that after leaving this pizzeria, you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the Lungomare with a view of the coast, is absolutely an added value, but it will not affect your low cost Salerno evening at all.

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