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    Weekend in Genoa: small gift for January

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    Thanks to the gift of Best Western e What you Love I'll do a weekend in Genoa. I've never been to Genoa and so in a previous post (in my other blog) I asked for advice on what to do.

    Now, since many have answered me both on facebook and in the comments to the post, even on twitter and with private messages, I can only thank you and say that I will try to do everything you have advised me.

    I'm not going to Genoa alone, with me @megaciopper companion of several trips. The Hotel will be gorgeous already I know, it also has i services for women: breakfast with Organic products, hair straightener, kettle in the room for evening herbal teas, women's magazines and products for the care and beauty of the body, in short, beautiful.

    Things they advised me to do:
    - take a tour of the alleys, go to Piazza delle Erbe as per the advice of Brakeman
    - eat a Sa Pesta, advice of Gianluca. I found Sa Pesta on TripAdvisor and is considered the 17esimo best place in Genoa between 240 with prices between 20 and 30 €… .I would say that it can be done ; )
    - try the Romanengo pastry shop, local specialties, chocolate, candied fruit and much more
    - visit theAquarium of Genoa
    - go to Spianata Castelletto (with the elevator.) to see Genoa from above
    - go to Boccadasse and eat focaccia on the rocks
    - eat at the Pisacane Pizzeria, 84th place (always out of 240) on Tripadvisor, but highly recommended for the goodness of the pizza and no queues upon arrival, excellent.
    - try the focaccia del Tolomei bakery
    - eat at the Trattoria da Maria, 23rd on Tripadvisor, the dishes? come on 5 to 10 € really low cost, here you go:)
    - go to Friggitoria Carega and here we will see some good ones

    Then here there are two things or I come back with 15 kg more or I choose :) if you have anything else to recommend, comment or let me know on twitter, I will always be online; )

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