Giuditta, Country House in Gemmano in Valconca

    Giuditta, Country House in Gemmano in Valconca

    Sometimes for discover a local, a restaurant or a farm you have to suffer a little, maybe because the cell phone inland does not take, or because the navigator sends you somewhere else.

    It was like that for me a few days ago. We started from Rimini looking for a bit of 'cool' in the Rimini hinterland. So we decide to 'test' a restaurant with a rather particular name, 'Giuditta'. So I always remembered the scene of Roberto Benigni in the Little Devil, oh well.

    After having taken the wrong road at least three times, we take the car along a dirt road that goes into the woods around between the fortress of Montefiore and Gemmano. After a few minutes the road ends at Country House Giuditta, we do not proceed further. Once out of the car we are welcomed by the smells of the countryside, the fields of barley to be harvested, the neighing of the horses in the enclosure and them, Marco Manduchi the owner and his brother Massimo.

    When you step inside the club, you feel like entering another world. But how is such a place possible a few kilometers from Rimini and I didn't know it? Here my eyes were saying this, and so was my open mouth. We are talking about an old farmhouse completely renovated with a swimming pool inside that overlooks the fields and protected by a glass window, a wooden furniture that in the great room takes us to India and its colonial style, while at the entrance large sofas they invite you to sit down, breathe and perhaps calmly start with an aperitif.

    Here, the key word is calm. If you are in a hurry, you want to eat in a hurry and run to the disco, change your mind, this place is not for you. Without getting too bored, let's start immediately with an appetizer / aperitif made of Rebola, mixed cheeses local and mixed cold cuts.

    Chef Marco, even if he doesn't want it to be called that, has literally spoiled us. We had ordered a two first courses (strozzapreti), one Florentine almost 1 kilo and a half, potatoes, gratin and side vegetables. He also delighted us with del pork rabbit with asparagus. I have a hard time honestly saying if something was wrong.

    In my opinion, and the diners who accompanied me, everything was perfect. After dinner, while the children in the meantime were chasing each other in the large park and stroking Lampo (a splendid black stallion in the nearby enclosure), we moved back to the sofa area for a Dolce, some bitter and a coffee. Always calmly we left for Rimini, but with great regret.

    All for 30 € apiece, nothing if I calculate the quantities, professionalism, quality of food and the oasis of peace.

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