Windows on the Ionian Sea: Calabria you don't expect

Let's take a group of kids, an unknown village in the Calabria and the sea: S. Caterina offers nothing and is known only because it is the small town where Mirigliani, the Patron of Miss Italia, was born. Few people know that it is a small village, with a wonderful sea and many other things to discover. The village offers little and that is why in the years more and more young people leave, leaving many empty houses: a small (un) inhabited center.

A little as a challenge and a little for fun, this group of young people decide to start a small business: take advantage of the web to allow many people to get to know their country. Where to start? A simple website, a web page and a great desire to do: this is how it was born last summer "Windows on the Ionian Sea". The first reservations arrive for July and August: the challenge becomes more interesting. What to do with new tourists? What do those who decide to come to Santa Caterina expect?

Certainly who chooses St. Catherine he is not choosing the five-star holiday or the super busy holiday, because the images of the site speak for themselves: crystal clear sea, rediscovery of traditions, good food and authentic flavors and many excursions to admire natural and unusual landscapes. The offer is just that: simple apartments but with the right comforts, long semi-deserted beaches and low prices.

And if the sea is not enough there are many excursions to do: snorkeling and diving a few kilometers from the coast where you can admire the remains of a boat that sunk many decades ago; if you are a nature lover you cannot miss the Marmarico di Bivongi waterfalls.

Finestre sulla Ionio offers tourists both apartments and B & Bs:

  • 20 apartments scattered around S. Caterina that can accommodate from a minimum of two people to a maximum of six
  •  the B&B la Sena and la Lampara with single, double, triple and quadruple rooms.

I prices are really low: it goes to a minimum of 150 euros for a one week stay for two people in low season to a maximum of about 550 euros per week for 4 people in high season. If you don't want to miss the opportunity to book now at these prices, I suggest you take a look at the website.

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