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    Visit Mezzano, a small rural town in Trentino

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    pimp is a small village in Trentino, a few kilometers from Primiero Fair. What are the peculiarities and why should one go and visit it? First of all it is a typical rural village in the valley, therefore also different in architecture from the typical mountain villages. The buildings naturally abound in wood, God forbid, but it is the care of them, the floral decorations, and the fixed artistic structures, the fountains, which make it a destination for a visit.

    It is the country of piles of wood, positioned close to homes in a meticulous way and as urban and artistic furniture, not only for a simple and banal functional reason. These stacks are true works of art and it is no coincidence that our guide who accompanied us told us how Mezzano, a small rural town, had a large number of established artists among its residents. In every corner of Mezzano it is possible to find one, some truly hilarious, others reminiscent of tragic events, still others with impressive dimensions and colors.

    Not only artistic but also beautiful piles of wood fountains regularly functioning scattered in the small squares of the town. I must have counted at least five, all adorned with flowers, all with spring water. The other aspect of its 'rurality' is a regularly functioning stable in the center of the town. The beasts obviously weren't there because they were grazing in the hut, but in winter the stable is functioning regularly.

    We then visited the private museum of Mary Orler, open to the public and free, At the tabià del Rico. Here to welcome us a 'Mezzanese' over the years, returned to his country of origin after 50 years living in Australia. Inside the house transformed into a museum, many objects from the past, photographs, rudimentary means used in agriculture, furniture and typical clothes.

    Finally, devotional frescoes which are found here and there on various buildings in the town. A small detour from the classic glimpses of huts, forests and mountains, but it was worth walking through the alleys of Mezzano.

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