The Berwick Lodge Hotel in Bristol, review

Afternoon Tea, the sounds of nature and lots of relaxation: here is a real jewel hotel 15 minutes by car from the city center. Berwick Lodge Hotel is a highly recommended Luxury Boutique Hotel to escape from the chaos of the metropolis.

Is England your ideal destination?
Do you want to escape from the confusion or excesses of the metropolis?

My advice is to take refuge in the beautiful Berwick Lodge in Bristol and treat yourself to a quiet and peaceful weekend, between afternoon tea and nature walks.

The Berwick Lodge Hotel in Bristol, review

Relax, relax and more relax on Berwick Lodge Luxury Boutique in Bristol it is above all this.

Where the Berwick Lodge Hotel is located

Located about a 15-minute drive from the city center, the hotel is on the M5, the main road that from Bristol it leads to Gloucester (the county where you can admire the Cathedral where King Eduardo II was buried and where some shots of Harry Potter were made) and towards the heart of Wales.

A favorite of the British

Being a little out of the way, the structure is preferred above all by the British and has the peculiarity of being in an isolated wooded area.

The only noises you can hear are those of nature, such as squirrels jumping from one branch to another.
If you are lucky, you may experience unexpected encounters.
I happened to meet the gaze of a deer a few meters away, 5 seconds of pure magic.

The heart of the hotel

La nature, respect for the environment and sustainability are highly sought after by the Berwick staff who in 2015 obtained the Silver Grenn Tourism and participated in the West of England Climate Change event.

Fevzil e Sarah Arikan they are the mind and heart of Berwick: he creator and designer, she tireless Manager always present in the hotel and ready to take care, in every detail, of her guests' stay.

United in life and work, their story and that of Berwick seem straight out of a novel.

By chance, on Valentine's Day in 2003, Fevzil reads the announcement of the property being put up for sale in the Bristol Evening Post and that's when the couple's new project comes to life: to create a welcoming hotel with a refined, comfortable original.

After five years of works and renovations, on 9 September 2009 the Berwick Lodge was inaugurated.


Lydia, Troy, Caspian, Uratia, Kappadokia, Phrygia, Karia, Ionia, Zeguma, Pamphylia, Galatia, India, Lykia, Angora.

Here are the 14 rooms that Fevzil personally designed, renovating and restoring some original aspects, learning the art of woodworking, with the support and volcanic creativity of Sarah.

The Berwick Lodge Hotel in Bristol, review

Surely the names with which the rooms were baptized (but also the 3 children of the couple: Lydia, India and Caspian) will seem very unique, but if you are passionate about history you can understand that all are linked to oriental culture and more precisely to that turca, native land of Fezvil.

The distinctive seal of Berwick is precisely this contamination between English and Turkish elements.

Two styles that mix

Each room is different but in each you will find a mixture of Victorian style (the building was built during the reign of Queen Victoria, in 1980) and oriental in furniture, colors and upholstery.

Some rooms are very large, almost like small apartments, with gigantic beds and queen-sized bathrooms. This is the case of the deluxe suites Lydia and Troia, or the superior Ionia (my favorite, because it is located at the end of the west wing and overlooking the garden).

Wood dominates everywhere, inlaid and decorated with extreme care, like the wide staircase leading to the two upper floors where the rooms are distributed.

Afternoon tea: a sacred rite

On the ground floor there is the room dedicated toafternoon tea: the English sacred rite that is not limited to a simple cup. If you want to have a made in England experience then you have to go to Berwick just to spend the whole afternoon sipping countless cups of tea.

(You can also request coffee but it is strictly long, American ... forget the espresso).

The tea will be accompanied by a delicious selection of sandwiches and desserts, prepared daily by the hotel staff, together with the legendary English scones to be tasted with creams and jams.

The hotel restaurant

You can also decide to book a dinner or lunch at theHattusa (the name is the same as the capital of the ancient Hittite Empire, today an important archaeological site in central Anatolia).

The Hotel restaurant - which opened its doors in 2014 - has given rise to a new challenge; that of creating refined dishes using only excellent raw materials.

Mission accomplished with a lot of reporting in the guides Michelin 2019 and the recognition of Duple Rosette Award, one of the most important awards dedicated to catering in the UK.

If you really want to dream big then know that the entire location, thanks above all to the immense garden that surrounds it, is the ideal framework for celebrations of important events : weddings in the first place, complete with a weeding planner ready to help you manage every detail of the event. You can also decide to celebrate the civil ceremony in an elegant annex annexed to the complex.

The Berwick Lodge Hotel in Bristol, review

I would not like to tell you, because for us Italians it is quite unusual, but at Berwick, for the quiet and serene atmosphere that you breathe, the wakes.

The wake is the rite of commemoration in memory of a recently deceased person, they are moments in which close relatives and friends get together to celebrate their life, bringing albums and photos that tell their story.

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