4 best spas in Tuscany where you can organize a 5-star wellness weekend

Tuscany is the region that boasts the highest number of spa facilities in Spain. Here are the best places to spend a dream weekend dedicating yourself to relaxation, well-being and body care.

  • Where to go to the Spa in Tuscany: ideas, advice and information
  • Chianciano Terme - Tuscany
  • Bagni di Lucca - Tuscany
  • Montecatini Terme - Tuscany
  • Rapolano Terme - Tuscany
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Where to go to the Spa in Tuscany: ideas, advice and information

When it comes to the Toscana, you immediately think of history, culture, art, fairytale landscapes and enviable cuisine, but with absolute certainty, we can assure you that this is not the case.

Perhaps everyone does not know some of the main ones attractions of Tuscany are just the spaIt is no coincidence that this is the region that boasts the highest number of spa facilities in Spain.

Having made this very brief introduction, we just have to find out together what the 5 best spas in Tuscany where you can organize a 5-star wellness weekend.

Chianciano Terme - Tuscany

Well-known spa in the province of Siena, is located in the Southern Val di Chiana, is one of the most important spas in Spain, equipped with efficient and modern tourist facilities.

They are due to the Etruscans the origins of the first inhabited nucleus, which came to these lands precisely for the curative properties of their waters.

Visiting Rapolano Terme tips

Chianciano Terme is a spa rich in mineral waters with curative action, today it ranks among the most important spas in Europe with its waters, large parks and numerous and modern hotels.

The different ones thermal waters of Terme di Chianciano exert their beneficial effects on the body through various methods of intake and use:Holy water andFucoli water they are taken as soon as they flow from the sources in the centuries-old parks in the form of a pleasant drink for the well-being of the liver and gastrointestinal system,Most Holy Water it is used for inhalations, aerosols and insufflations for adults and children against diseases of the upper respiratory tract andSillene water it is the basis of muds, thermal baths and cosmetics.

A Chianciano we recommend staying inside the Grand Hotel Terme 4 stelle.

Bathrooms of Lucca - Tuscany

Spa center in the province of Lucca, is located in the enchanting landscape of valley of the torrent of Lima, boasts a valuable artistic and cultural heritage, thanks also to the stay of the greatest poets, such as Shelley, Byron, Lamartine, Montale and Carducci.This center was already known by the Romans in medieval times for the beneficial power of its springs.

- thermal establishments of Bagni di Lucca, consist of 19 natural sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium springs, with a temperature between 37 ° and 54 ° C, which boast an extraordinary healing and regenerating power suitable for all ages.

Also you can take advantage of two hot thermal steam caves (the Grotta Grande and the Grotta Paolina), a real natural habitat, ideal for relaxing and purifying, for skin care, respiratory tract care and weight loss.

At the local establishments, in addition to the cave it is possible to do hydromassage, beauty treatments for the face with the use of mud, you can perform spa treatments according to the latest trends and take advantage of well-equipped gyms.

There is also no shortage of new therapies such as: the stone-massage and grape therapy.

Montecatini Terme - Tuscany

Municipality of Tuscany in the province of Pistoia, in the Val di Fievole, is a famous and popular spa, thanks to its chloride-phosphate-sodium waters, recommended for the treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases.

Capodanno in Beauty Farm

Montecatini Terme is a destination to choose for those who intend to spend their stay in a regenerating way, for those who intend to dedicate their holiday to themselves, to the family or to the divertissement.

The extraordinary Thermal Park of Montecatini Terme covers an area of ​​over 420 thousand square meters and is made up of both historic and modern spas of which the most famous and important is the Tettuccio factory.

- thermal establishments of Montecatini Terme offer the best medical rehabilitation therapies, mineral water therapy, physiokinesitherapy, bath therapy, mud therapy, massages, beauty treatments and much more.

Rapolano Terme - Tuscany

Located in the heart of the wonderful Crete Senesi, the village of Rapolano Terme is famous for its spas, Terme San Giovanni and Terme Antica Querciolaia.

Le Rapolano thermal baths they have been known since the time of the Romans who, as far as the well-being and care of the body is concerned, were highly specialized but had a real boom between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Le thermal waters of Rapolano Terme, whose temperature varies between 39 ° / 40 °, flow directly from the subsoil and are particularly rich in calcium, sodium, sulfur, bicarbonate and magnesium.

The beneficial properties of the waters of Rapolano Terme are used to treat skin, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as giving considerable muscle relaxation thanks to the high temperature of the water.

Tuscany spas: images and photos

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