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    Nice, sea and culture at MAMAC

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    Nice it is a beautiful city where you can enjoy a great deal sea on the French coasts but also unexpected museums, which make the trip of a true tourist unique.

    The sea of ​​Nice, on the french riviera, makes this stay enchanting for the beauty of the landscapes but also for the elegance with which this city and its heritage show themselves. A few steps from Italy you can reach Nice easily by car or even by train thanks to the formulas smart price of Trenitalia starting at 15 euros, a bargain.

    In Nice there is the Musee d'Art moderne and d'Art contemporain, the MAMAC by the contemporary architect Yves Bayard. To get there easily from the train station, in case you want to take advantage of the Trenitalia offer, take bus 5 and 17. The museum is closed on Tuesdays and public holidays from 10 to 18 on other days. The entrance is free for the first Sunday of every month.

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