Tower of Pisa, because in my opinion it is not worth the visit

La Tower of Pisa it is beautiful, from below. I found myself climbing the Tower of Pisa on a sunny afternoon in June and I must say that the experience was pleasant. In light of the small details, however, it didn't seem so exciting. I have to tell the truth, personally I would never have spent 15 € to go up to the top.

First of all it is necessary book. Tickets are available from 16 days before, from the day you want to go up, up to 45. This means that if you go wrong you need to book tickets to go up at least a month and a half before. Yes, you can also go the same day to see how to fix some tickets, but our guide was very (a lot is to say the least) skeptical.

La visit. It is necessary to present yourself under the Tower of Pisa atscheduled time, if it is five minutes to 17 to 17, if it is five minutes to 18 to 18 and so on. Please be punctual ... because the story lasts only 5 minutes. It's not a joke. Chatting with the guys who work here I realized that the visit lasts half an hour between ascent and descent from the tower.

This means that in 30 minutes you will have to do it 294 steps to climb, quickly admire the view and 294 steps to go down. Why is the visit so short? I wondered too. After all, if you take 10 minutes to climb 294 steps… and you don't take less as long as you are not a spiderman, and 10 minutes or so to go down, you have 10 minutes left to admire Pisa from above. Few in my opinion. The time to take two photos and you have to go down again.

In my opinion the time was so calculated because they can only climb the Tower of Pisa 40 people at a time and perhaps to maximize earnings they have decided on these skimpy hours. Nothing bad if the ticket was cheap. The fact is that it costs 15 € + 2 € presale. In the light of everything in my opinion the ticket is too expensive for this visit. Then do as you think, even if you believe the opposite you can always leave me a comment below;)

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