Levanzo (Egadi islands): how to reach it, what to see and where to sleep

After the article on Marettimo, now I want to tell you about Levanzo, the smallest island of the Egadi archipelago. Just over 5 km2 in size, Levanzo has a small marina around which the only town on the island develops, inhabited by just under 300 people who move here in the summer. In fact, in Levanzo there are no schools and its inhabitants move to Trapani during the winter. As in Marettimo, also in Levanzo there are no cars and you only move on foot along the only piece of paved road that reaches the Faraglione or along the different paths that reach the Capo Grosso lighthouse or Cala Minnola. But Levanzo is most famous for the prehistoric graffiti in the Grotta del Genovese and for his crystal clear sea. Many visit it in the day starting from Trapani or Favignana (which is right in front of it) but my advice is to stop and sleep at least 1 or 2 nights to explore it all calmly and, above all, to enjoy the timeless dimension that this island gives to those who know how to seize it. Small note of gossip ... on the island there is only one villa, Florio House, which belonged to the famous family of Sicilian entrepreneurs (but of Calabrian origin) now purchased by none other than Miuccia Prada, a great lover of the Egadi Islands!

Where is Levanzo

How to reach Levanzo 

From Trapani / Palermo airports to the pier

To get to Levanzo the easiest thing to do is to take a flight over Trapani (now there are few alas) or your Palermo (here instead you will have a lot of choice both as companies and as timetables). From the airport you will then have to reach the pier of Trapani to take the hydrofoil / ferry. Trapani airport is about 25 'from the hydrofoil dock and to reach it there is a bus or taxi (fixed rate 30 euros). From Palermo airport it takes about 1 hour and you can take the bus (departure every hour until 16:00 pm, 10 euros), the shared taxi (to be booked with minimum 2 people, 22 euros per person www.lanavetta.com) or by private taxi (fixed rate 80 euros). 

Hydrofoil / ferry to Levanzo

The hydrofoils / ferries to Levanzo are guaranteed by Liberty Lines and it is possible to buy tickets online through their website (which I recommend you do in high season, ie July and August). Find all timetables at this link. In general, in summer there are at least 6/7 hydrofoils a day while in winter 3/4. The journey lasts 1h and the hydrofoil stops first in Favignana and then Levanzo (cost 17,5 euros / person).

What to see in Levanzo

The Grotta del Genovese

Levanzo is the oldest of the Egadi islands (it emerged 200 million years ago) and the presence of man on the island dates back to about 10.000 years ago, as evidenced by the graffiti of this incredible cave. Along the north-western coast of the island, at about 30 meters above sea level, there is in fact the famous Grotta del Genovese where, in 1949, a Florentine painter (Francesca Minellono) discovered graffiti and engravings of Paleolithic and Neolithic origin. By studying the latter, the archaeologists have been able to establish that the cave of the Genovese was inhabited by man in a time interval between 10.000 and 6.000 years before Christ. The paintings mainly represent animals (deer, bulls, etc.), but in the most recent also men and tuna appear. The cave can only be visited by taking part in a guided tour that starts from the marina and must be booked by calling 0923924032 3397418800 or by writing an email to [email protected]. The visit lasts about 2h and the cave is usually reached by boat (except in case of rough sea, in which it is reached with an off-road vehicle). Find all the info on this site

Capo Grosso lighthouse

If you love walking you can reach the Capo Grosso lighthouse, on the western end of the island. It will take about 1h-1h30 'and from there you can return to the port following the path that runs along the west side of the island and passes through Cala Tramontana e Cala Faraglione, where you can finally cool off with a nice swim in the sea. It will take you about 3 hours to walk the entire loop path and you will not encounter anything so bring water and a snack. The Lighthouse is currently in a very bad state, but will soon be refurbished to house a dream resort.  

The most beautiful beaches and coves of Levanzo

Despite being very small, Levanzo offers several dream beaches and coves where you can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear sea. Starting from the port in an anticlockwise direction, you will find:

  • Cala Dogana. Cala Dogana is the city "beach" if you can say so .. Surrounded by the white houses of the port, it is a beautiful pebble beach quite wide where you will have all the comforts at your fingertips. 
  • Cala Fredda. Walking along the only road that runs along the sea, the latter ends in Cala Fredda, a micro pebble beach in a bay with wonderful water. 
  • Cala Minnola. Continuing along the east coast, with 20 'of path you will reach the beautiful Cala Minnola, the only one on the island where you can also find shade (guaranteed by the maritime pines). The beach is rocky with small pebble areas but the descent to the sea is easy and comfortable. 
  • Cala Calcara. This small cove can be reached either via a path or by boat and is perfect for those seeking absolute tranquility (few people venture this far). 
  • Cala Tramontana. From the eastern side we now move to the western side of the island, from which you will have a magnificent view of Marettimo and Favignana. Cala Tramontana is a bay of white rocks protected by the rocks, perfect for a swim at sunset. 
  • Cala Faraglione. Before returning to the port you will finally find the beach of Cala Faraglione, protected by the homonymous islet behind which the profile of Favignana is drawn. 

Where sleeping in Levanzo

As well as in Marettimo, also in Levanzo there are no hotels (classically understood); there is a single "widespread hotel" obtained from the converted fishermen's houses, all with whitewashed walls and blue windows. 

  • Levanzo House. Apartment with 2 bedrooms and 5 beds, garden and barbecue located just outside the town center. 
  • The Plaza Residence. Very nice apartments for 2,3 or 4 people located right in the center of the town, a stone's throw from the marina and Cala Dogana. 
  • Cala Dogana Guest House. Very nice rooms with sea view a stone's throw from Cala Dogana and with a large common terrace. 
  • Hotel Paradiso . A very nice little hotel, also well known for its seafood restaurant. 

Where to eat in Levanzo

  • Bar Restaurant Romano: the most famous and most beautiful terrace in Levanzo where you come from breakfast to dinner and after dinner. All excellent, but don't miss the fish dishes.
  • Paradiso Pension Restaurant : restaurant of the homonymous hotel, equally good and known for its cuisine based on fresh fish. 
  • La Chicca bakery: the place to have an aperitif in Levanzo, overlooks the marina and offers a large assortment of sandwiches, panelle, arancini, etc. 

Quick questions and answers

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