The Hangar Bicocca and the new Parreno exhibition

“Hypothesis” di Philippe Parreno


A few days ago I was at the opening of the new exhibition by the French contemporary artist Philippe Parreno, the last one to be curated by Lissoni alas (we hope that whoever takes his place will be up to it!). It will be open until February 14, 2016.

What can I say .. beautiful as always! I loved it, despite the crowd; I think I'll be back to savor it better with fewer people around.

“Hypotesis” stands for “Hypothesis of an exhibition”, which reflects Parreno's research in creating a new way of exhibiting. As he himself maintains, “an exhibition is not only an arrangement of objects, but also an act of invention”. He continuously tries out different exhibition strategies, intervening on the ways in which the viewer experiences the works, time and reality. In this case, the exhibition develops in a single immense environment. We start with the work “Jasper Johns” (1968): 7 suspended rectangular transparent structures in which images taken from a work by Marcel Duchamp are reproduced.

The highlight of the exhibition, however, is "Danny the Street", a real imaginary street along the entire aisle of the Hangar and made up of 19 marquues (plexiglass sculptures, lights and sound inspired by the luminous signs of 50s American cinemas) .

Arranged in a row, the marquees light up intermittently, as does the music, which follows a score conceived by Parreno together with the likes of Agoria, Thomas Bartlett and others. The "path" lasts 2h (if you have the time, it is worth living it all!). There are 2 pianos playing on their own to complete the scene. The experience you live is truly beautiful !! What can I say .. go go and then go see it !!

The Hangar Bicocca and the new Parreno exhibition

The Hangar Bicocca and the new Parreno exhibition

For timetables, and all the info regarding the Hangar Bicocca and the exhibition click here.

PS, among other things, at the Hangar you can also eat very well! Inside there is the bar / restaurant "Dopolavoro Bicocca" (with garden), by the same owners of Ratanà. Gourmet cuisine: no you will be disappointed!

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