Diving and sailing vacation in Croatia

    Diving and sailing vacation in Croatia

    La Croatia it is a great destination to practice outdoor sports. Croatia offers limestone rock for climbing a beautiful sea to practice all water sports, from diving to sailing to kayaking.

    Le rock climbing can be done in Paklenica National Park, where there are more than 400 routes and paths equipped to be patrolled in all seasons. Some of the most famous walls, such as Brela and a street near Another, are the right place for those who want to alternate climbing with swimming in the sea as the walls rise right on the beach.

    La sail boat it can be practiced all over Croatia admiring the marvelous ones seas and depths. There are many ports in Croatia, almost 40 along the coast, and each small town has its own port. Sailing in Croatia is easy and very cheap and all marinas are open all year, or almost. For boats smaller than 3 meters you do not need any authorization, both rowing, motor or sailing, for longer boats you need the permission of the harbor master.

    For more information, please contactCroatian Nautical Tourism Association, is Adriatic Croatia International, here you will find different numbers for all needs.

    Le diving they are another great way to experience nature by practicing sport in Croatia. The Croatian caves are the most beautiful part of the seabed and to dive you need a permit to be presented to the harbor master's office accompanied by a valid license. For information on diving in Croatia it is recommended to contact the Diving Croatia.

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