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Croatia is one of the most desirable European destinations and popular with camping enthusiasts. Here are the best places to live unforgettable experiences.

  • Best campsites in Croatia
  • 4-star seaside campsite in Croatia
  • Best campsites in Istria
  • Best campsites in Dalmatia
  • Best campsites in Central Croatia
  • Croatia campsites: pictures and photos

Best campsites in Croatia

When you decide to organize camping holidays, especially outside theSpaininevitably, you have to know how to make the right choice.

La Croatia it is one of the most popular and sought-after European destinations by camping enthusiasts also because the facilities offer maximum efficiency and services.

As for the so-called “camping tourism”, the Croatia was renamed with the name de "The Paradise of the Mediterranean".

4-star seaside campsite in Croatia

Do you want to know why campsites in Croatia are among the most beautiful and popular in Europe and in the world?

Because they are located in wonderfully enchanting areas, they are immersed in a more unique than rare Mediterranean vegetation, they are located, without distinction, directly on the sea or on the river and always or almost always meet the minimum technical requirements set for the 4-star category.

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Just to give an idea, the minimum technical requirements set up for the 4-star category concern, briefly, the quality of the accommodation units, the commercial, entertainment, entertainment and catering services and, above all, the quality of the systems. hygienic that must be impeccable.

After this brief introductory parenthesis, we just have to find out what the best campsites in Croatia,

Best campsites in Istria

Talk about all best campsites in Istria it is practically impossible, it would take days, but we have identified the most comfortable and equipped ones for you.

Il Campsite Ulika 4 stars has always been considered one of the best in the world Croatia and is located in the territory of Porec o Porec.

The structure can accommodate up to 3000 guests, there are areas specially dedicated to all lovers of very nice 4-legged friends and, in addition to tennis courts, soccer and beach volleyball, it also has swimming pools.

Thanks to the particular organization, the Campsite Ulika 4 stars it is particularly suitable for families with small children.

Another campsite that we highly recommend is the Valalta Naturist Camping which is located in Rovinj.

Located at the entrance to the Limski Kanal Nature Reserve, this amazing property offers everything (bungalows, apartments and pitches by the sea) and has a private beach as well as beauty centers, indoor and outdoor pools with salt water and areas with whirlpools and saunas.

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Best campsites in Dalmatia

Here, too, the discussion is decidedly complicated so we will only talk about the two best campsites in Dalmatia.

Stobreč Split Camping 4 stars it is located in the territory of the beautiful Split and can accommodate up to 1200 people.

This structure is ideal for those who love the cool even during the hottest and hottest days, it is a so-called "eco-minded camping" and also offers its customers very special mobile homes that have unimaginable comforts and services.

Another campsite to keep in mind is it Straško Camping which is located at Novalja on the beautiful, fun and transgressive Island of Pag.

This structure is indicated, without distinction, both to young people and to families with small children and has an open-air cinema, swimming pools, a beach for dogs, a kids club and a baby room.

Best campsites in Central Croatia

La Croatia it has also been renamed with the name of "The Kingdom of the Green and the Four Rivers" therefore lovers of nature identity wild and uncontaminated, here they will find bread for their teeth.

Il Plitvice Camping it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, is ideal for a relaxing holiday, has a swimming pool and children's play area and is the harem for lovers of walking and hiking.

Slapić Camping 4 couples directly overlooks the wonders of Mreznica River and is located in the territory of Long fringe.

This property is particularly quiet as it accommodates up to 300 people and in the immediate vicinity, between waterfalls and river islands, you can discover something wonderfully incredible.

Croatia campsites: pictures and photos

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