Holidays on the island of Brac

Holidays on the island of Brac travel itinerary, information and advice

Croatia Island of Brac travel guide, itinerary and information

Many times we want to go and spend our holidays in the Caribbean, in Polynesia, in the Maldives, in the Seychelles.

Maybe we don't know, or we pretend we don't know that, not far from our country, in Croatia, there are suggestive and paradisiacal places like theisland of Brac.

We left Bari with the Jadrolinja ferry and landed in Split, a beautiful town on the coast which, after Rijeka, is the most important port in Dalmatia.

We boarded a ferry and reached theisland of Brac (we read Braz because on the a there is an inverted circumflex accent). We stayed in Overcome in an independent room in one of the 4 pavilions which make up the Hotel Velaris.

Island of Brac what to visit and the most beautiful beaches

In about ten days we had the opportunity to visit all the beaches of the island but the most beautiful was the one I was talking about before and which is located in Bowl, a village that until recently was devoted to agriculture and has now become famous for most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean.

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Now Bowl it thrives on tourism in fact there are very luxurious hotels and, of course, more expensive than those located in the other coastal resorts of the island.

Le guide they said that the road to reach it was dangerous, full of curves with a steep slope and instead we did not find any of this as, in the meantime, they had improved the connections.

To access the beach you pay to park your car and then cross a dense pine forest where there are services and refreshment points.

La beach of white gravel is located on the tip of the island and, particularly, on one side the sea is almost always calm while on the other it is a bit rough due to the wind that almost always blows.

The water is very transparent and emerald green.

Not far from the center of Bol you can visit the Dominican convent which is the Dominican convent where there are two other fascinating beaches.

The first beach can be reached by going down a dirt road where there is an old abandoned hotel immediately below the convent and instead to get to the other one you have to follow the signs for the cemetery and then go down to where there is a small kiosk for drinks.

Not to be missed is a visit to Overcome which is an area full of clubs where you can relax with a good drink and the beach is well equipped and extends from the port to tip St. Nicholas where is the mausoleo Petrinovic.

Another very quiet area for a relaxing holiday is the town of milna.

Isola del Giglio where you can eat well and spend little

Here, always following the side of the seafront, you arrive at the baia di milna.

Very nice beach is that of Blaca where the famous convent of monks on the hermitage is also located.

La bay of Blaca it can only be reached by boat to see the convent set in the canyon which is an unprecedented sight not to be missed

From the island of Brac we once went to Split, the city of Diocletian with the famous Palace of the same name built with the white stone of Brac with which the White House in Washington was also built.

The second time we moved to visit the famous Krka Waterfalls which are located in the homonymous National Park.

I recommend that you go and visit them after you have reached them Skradin, where you will find boats that will take you there.

The landscapes seem paradisiacal it's all enchanting.

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