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    In Croatia by ferry, the most beautiful sea at a mini price

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    La Croatia it is very easy to reach and very economical. If you want to go by car, the road is not that long and passing through Trieste you will be over the border in no time. If you want to go in train, the Croatian railway network is excellent and functional, but the preferred means of transport for vacationers who reach the Croatian country remains the ferry.

    The costs of an armchair are not excessive, starting from € 30 and reaching up to € 65 and reaching € 105 per way if you want to leave on weekends and in high season. The most famous Croatian national company is the Jadrolinija, but also from Italy many boats leave for Croatia. The ports of greatest tourist turnout for this destination are Ancona, Bari, Venice and Pescara to which it has recently been added Rimini.

    La SNAV is the most important company that leaves from Ancona and Pescara, every day from early June to 17 September. From Ancona the departure is at 11 and can be reached in 4 hours and 30 Split, while the return is at 17 to reach Ancona at 21.30. While from Pescara you get to Starigrad Hvar starting at 14.45 to 18, while the return is at 9.05 arriving in Pescara at 13.05.

    From Bari the company Azzurra Line takes its passengers to Croatia twice a week arriving in Dubrovnik. By booking directly online you can receive the ticket by email. From Venice the Venezia Lines with a passenger-only catamaran from Venice to Pula. The latest born is the Emilia Romagna Lines which operates between Emilia Romagna, Croatia and Slovenia, connecting Pesaro, Rimini, Cesenatico and Ravenna with other beautiful cities in Croatia: Lošinj, Zadar, Portoroz, Hvar Starigrad and Rovinj.

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