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    3 days trip to Amsterdam: what to see

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    If you are thinking of allowing yourself a short stay in a beautiful European capital, it can be undoubtedly an excellent idea to choose to organize a trip to Amsterdam, the charming Dutch capital.

    Here are some tips and information to organize yours trip to Amsterdam about: flights and hotels, what to see and visit and even where to eat. Amsterdam is one multiethnic city, every day destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world, very large and rich in artistic beauty.

    To visit Amsterdam, a 3 day trip it can be sufficient. Amsterdam is known all over the world for being the city of stilts, but above all for its immense artistic and cultural heritage.

    You can start your visit to Amsterdam from one of the many museums in the city; for example it Stedelijk Museum, which houses artistic works of inestimable value. Obviously, the architectural and urbanistic beauties are no less, for which Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the first cities in Europe. Just to mention some of the main places of interest, in a stay in Amsterdam you can certainly not miss a visit to the beautiful Dam Square, which rises directly on the first Amstel dam, the river that crosses the city and extends for over 30 km.

    In Dam Square you will find numerous monuments of interest, and it is possible to fully enjoy one splendid panorama typical Dutch. You cannot miss a visit to the majestic Royal Palace and to the numerous churches that embellish the historic center, in the same way it is decidedly suggestive to take long walks in the streets of the center, both the oldest and those of the most modern areas, perhaps near the long city river and by bicycle.

    Other attractions to see and visit are:
    il Rijksmuseum museum, one of the most important in the city;
    the house where he lived Anne Frank, author of the very famous Diary of Anne Frank;
    the futuristic Nemo palace, a building that was designed by Renzo Piano, who houses the Science Center of the city of Amsterdam.

    Finally, you cannot forget to see the very famous Amsterdam flower market: you will be truly enchanted by the beauty and bright colors of the typical Dutch tulips. As for some tips on where to eat, we can say what Amsterdam is full of small restaurants and places where it is possible to have meals, especially the take away type. Being a multi-ethnic city, it is very rich in restaurants offering excellent ethnic cuisine (especially Indonesian); a visit to the pub will obviously also be a must, where you can enjoy relaxation and fun the excellent beer made in Holland.

    Some local e Amsterdam restaurants recommended are: 1e Klas, A Fusion, Al's Plaice, Amnesia and Balraj. These are places that allow you to eat with an excellent quality-price ratio. Amsterdam is one of the major airports Europe and the world, consequently it is possible to choose between many flights of all types, even remarkably cheap. The same goes for the accommodation: despite being a European capital, therefore a renowned tourist destination, Amsterdam offers the possibility of staying overnight at very low costs, not only in hotels, but also in hostels and holiday homes, ideal for groups of young people.

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