Ravnice Hostel in Croatia for a low cost vacation

    La Croatia it is a land rich in natural wonders and beautiful sea. The cost of living is not high and that is why Croatia is often chosen by young people, and not only, as a destination for their summer holidays.

    Among the many types of accommodation in Croatia hostels, campsites and b & bs are the preferred accommodations to combine fun with savings.

    A zagabria il Ravnice Hostel it is run by an Australian woman who offers beds for 15 euros in two, four and ten bedded rooms. In Ravnice 38d, a short walk from the center of Zagreb, you will find this hostel perfect for women traveling alone.

    A Istria there are two campsites worth mentioning. To reach them, you can take the train to Zelena Laguna which leaves every hour from the city center, or the shuttle boat. The camping Auto Kamp Zelena Laguna it is very large, well equipped and can accommodate up to 2700 people. The other camping is Auto Kamp Bijela Uvala which even hosts up to 6000 people. Both are affordable and great for a budget all-sea vacation.

    In Dalmatia the largest tourist settlement is that of Borik. Here is theBorik Youth Hostel which can offer b & b and half board at a price of around 16 € for the b & b and 12 € for the second choice. The hostel is located in the immediate vicinity of the beach and is open to all young travelers. A Borik is also located Auto Kamp Borik, the campsite in the tourist resort directly on the beach offering pitches at € 5.60 and € 4.20 per person per day.

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