10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

What to see in Baveno, 10 tips for a trip with friends or family. What to see in Baveno but also in Feriolo and Loita, on Lake Maggiore. Tips for visiting the most beautiful places on Lake Maggiore, between Piedmont and Lombardy. Read the post.

All the world knows Stresa, the queen of Lake Maggiore but few know of the beauty of baveno, the younger sister. The ancient village is located only three kilometers away from Stresa. Both are in good company with the Borromean gulf, where the picturesque islands are located.

1. The lakefront

Arriving in Baveno you can park your car in the square at the pier in style Liberty-Art Nouveau. The ferries of the Navigazione Isole Borromee and Lago Maggiore arrive at this place. From the landing stage you can begin a spectacular walk along the lakefront with a view of the Borromean Islands.

10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

2. The Borromean Islands

If you are at Lake Maggiore for a few days, you must not miss these islands. Definitely to visit the three: the Isola Madre with an exotic botanical garden, Isola Bella with the Borromeo family palace e the Isola dei Pescatori, a small island with a great fishing history. Even today there are many restaurants that offer tasty fish. To see all the three Borromean Islands it takes at least a full day.

10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

3. Complex SS. Gervaso and Protaso

The monumental complex consists of the church of SS. Gervaso and Protaso, in the via crucis and in the baptistery. From the lakeside you can reach it by a wide staircase. You will be rewarded with one of the most expressive Romanesque monumental complexes. You feel complete peace and enjoy true jewel of Italian architecture.

4. Villa Fedora

La Villa Fedora it is famous for its history. It was in this villa with its huge park that the great master Umberto Giordano (1867 - 1948) composed his opera "Fedora". The park is open to the public and there is even one beach. Today the Villa Fedora is the seat of the VCO chamber of commerce.

10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

5. Villa Henfrey Branca

In Baveno you will find many luxurious villas. One is there Villa Henfrey Branca in English Gothic style with its turrets. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. It was built between 1870 and 1872 and is one of the most original buildings on Lake Maggiore. In 1879 Queen Victoria with her daughter Beatrice were guests there. Even today a statue tells of their stay.

6. Feriolo

Feriolo, about three kilometers away from the center of Baveno, is one of its fractions. With its beach and lakeside bars it offers a amazing view in the granite mountains. Baveno and Feriolo are known not only for tourism, but above all for pink granite which was used for example in Milan for the Vittorio Emanuele gallery, in Bangkok for the Royal Palace or in Vienna for the church of San Carlo.

10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

7. Loita

Loita is also a fraction not to be missed. While Baveno and Feriolo are located directly at Lake Maggiore, Loita is located in the mountains above Baveno. The pearl of Loita is undoubtedly the white church dedicated to SS. Antonio and Fermo. The small church adorns a terrace with a mountain meadow and here you will find one of the most evocative viewpoints of the whole of Lake Maggiore.

8. Granum, Red Granite Museum

If you are interested in the local history of Baveno go to the Granum. This Pink Granite Museum is located very close to the monumental complex SS. Gervaso and Protaso. The opening hours are: Monday from 9 to 12.45, Tuesday from 9 to 12.45 and from 14 to 17, Wednesday from 9 to 12.45, Thursday from 9 to 12.45 and from 14 to 17, Friday from 9 to 12.45 and from 14 to 17 , Saturday from 9 to 12.45 and from 13 to 17.45, Sunday from 9 to 12.45 and from 13 to 17.45.

10 things to discover in Baveno on Lake Maggiore

9. Monument to the Stonemason

Raffaele Polli in 1990 created the monument to the Stonemason. It's a symbol to honor work hard of all the Baveno stonecutters and all the men who worked in a stone quarry. You can see him at the lakeside, one of the stonecutters who in the local dialect become called picasass.

10. The pillows

A visit to Baveno is the perfect opportunity to discover the taste of local cuisine. Fedorine are a gastronomic specialty of Baveno: a dessert made with almonds e but. You can try the fedorine in local restaurants.

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