Hand luggage, but how much do you have to weigh ?!

    In the Decalogue of low cost traveler, the figure of hand luggage can become a real problem before departure: if on the one hand we have saved a lot of nice money by not buying the hold luggage, on the other hand we find ourselves having to deal with a small suitcase that must magically contain everything necessary for the our trip or whatever we have collected on our trip.

    If you don't have Mary Poppins' bag available, packing everything in your hand luggage really becomes a challenge. Never superfluous to underline that to travel you need to be comfortable and that therefore a selection of comfortable outfits is welcome: no high heels, a collection of skimpy and impractical clothes, but only dresses, sweaters, dresses or sweatshirts that allow you to dress "onion-like" "Without cluttering too much.

    If you have t-shirts, pants, dresses etc. available that maybe you would like to throw away, but which are not usable anyway, I advise you to put them in your suitcase: you could use them for the last time during your trip, so that on your return you will have more space for souvenirs and items purchased during the trip.

    When composing the internal “mosaic” of your suitcase, keep in mind that i sweaters take up more space if folded: lay them flat, limiting the possibility of folding them; the opposite is true for summer dresses that can occupy very small spaces if folded to perfection.

    Another important tip to reduce the size of what you are carrying in your hand luggage is to use one of those practical space-saving bags from which, through the use of a vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate the air. It is very useful if your luggage contains sweaters or other very bulky but not very heavy objects; however, if you do not have the opportunity to use a vacuum cleaner before returning, forget it.

    It is possible to transport liquids but only following international regulations: the bottles must have a minimum capacity of 100 ml arranged in a special transparent sachet of the size of 18 cm x 20 cm, which will be shown during boarding. For everything related to the make-up advice we have at will.

    Beyond the strictly practical advice about the internal "architecture" of our hand luggage, it is good to know the total weight of hand luggage for each low cost airline:

    • Ryanair: the leading low cost airline admits hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg. But be careful, because the Ryanair team is very fiscal and it will take very little to find some small hitch so that your luggage can end up in the hold with a supplement of "just" € 50: before arriving at the airport, I recommend that you weigh yours. suitcase and also to leave clutches or bags that you have in tow to avoid unpleasant unexpected events.
    • Easyjet: this is also a low cost airline, but it has no weight restrictions with respect to hand luggage: it must be of a reasonable weight and must not exceed in size. Bags, cameras and backpacks that must be included in hand luggage will not be accepted as hand luggage: under penalty of a fine of 30 euros which will become 50 in case of online check-in.
    • Vueling: the Iberian company such as Ryanair sets a limit of 10 kg and in case of excess a fine of only 25 euros; but if you buy a flight with excellence, you can take on board a single hand luggage of 14 kg with space on board insured.
    • Sundial: the maximum weight is 8 kg, but it is possible to carry with you in addition, at no additional cost, briefcases, bags containing PCs and tablets.

    In conclusion: it is not easy to leave with just one hand luggage, dear travelers, but just sharpen your wits and follow these practical tips to avoid the risk of your low-cost trip turning into TOO EXPENSIVE!

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