Eze Village, how to get there from Nice and what to do

A small medieval village perched on the rocks, full of alleys and spectacular views to be conquered, Eze Village is certainly one of the most beautiful and unmissable stops on the French Riviera.

Eze Village it's a small one medieval village 424 meters above sea level. A few kilometers from Nice, is one of the most beautiful stages of the French Riviera. This village perched on a rocky spur, is surrounded by walls and develops in height. Imagine a more than suggestive walk through its picturesque alleys that lead to the top where the ruins of a medieval castle are located. Here at the top you will also find a wonderful exotic garden, the view is certainly unsurpassed.

Eze Village, how to get there from Nice and what to do

How to get to Eze Village

Starting from Nice you can take bus number 82 at one of the many stops in the city, in just over half an hour you will reach Eze. The bus ride is very pleasant as you will constantly have one spectacular view of the sea.
As an alternative from Nice station you can take the train to Gare de Eze sur mer and then bus 83. Or from Eze sur mer take the “Nietzsche path” which will take you to Eze Village in an hour's walk. This path is so called because the important German philosopher passed here several times, letting himself be inspired by his works. It is a fairly simple path, it can be taken by anyone. The only advice I can give you is to have comfortable shoes and lots of water.

Eze Village, how to get there from Nice and what to do

Eze Village can also be reached by car, outside the walls there is a large paid parking lot.
As soon as you pass the walls you will discover alleys partially paved in stone that intersect with each other, ancient houses, artisan shops selling characteristic products, art galleries, charming bars, ancient noble residences and luxury hotels.

Why visit this village

The ancient charm of this village will make you fall in love, my advice is to visit it early in the morning when it is not yet attacked by tourists and also to take a few hours and walk calmly. It is really worth it, in this way you will discover hidden, suggestive and romantic corners, gardens and particular shops, flowered balconies and walls completely covered with bougainvillea and vines.

The view from the exotic garden

The exotic garden is quite large and full of plants, stairways, benches and suggestive views. Halfway there is one secluded panoramic terrace, with comfortable deck chairs and waterfalls. The cost of accessing the botanical garden is quite affordable. The garden is open every day of the year starting at 9 in the morning, in the winter months it closes at 16.30 meters in the rest of the months at 18.30. This particular garden is called the paradise of succulents, you will find some really bizarre and tangled. But of course, in addition to succulents, you will find many others, from all over the world. A really interesting visit!

Eze Village, how to get there from Nice and what to do

Once you reach the top of the garden you will find the remains of the medieval castle and a sensational view.
What else to say, in my opinion it is one of the most enchanting and evocative villages in Europe! A place that has fascinated many people, even from the entertainment world. A trip that I recommend to everyone: to families but also to couples because, as you may have easily imagined, there are so many romantic walks and views.

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