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Mljet advice and information

L'isola di Mljet o Melenda is one of tourist destinations more beautiful than Southern Dalmatia and is almost entirely covered with boschi.

The most beautiful and the greenest of all the islands of the Adriatic Sea, very interesting thanks also to his cultural and historical heritage, is becoming a favorite among the tourists from all over the world.

Its name comes from the Greek "melitta”(Honey) for the considerable amount of bees that were on the island.

THEisola it is 37 km long and just 3 km wide and there are only villages e fishing villages, many apartments that are rented for holidays and the Odisej Hotel which is located in Pomena where there is the entrance to the National Park, created in 1960.

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THEentrance to the Park it is paid and there is a path that leads to two salt lakes (Lake Maggiore, 46 meters deep, and Lake Minore, 29 meters deep) which, in reality, are two bays separated from the open sea by very narrow channels.

In the 1151 King Desa donated the whole island toBenedictine order of Santa Maria di Pulsano (located in Puglia) which, in the center of Lake Maggiore, where the isolotto of Santa Maria, built the XNUMXth century convent of the same name which has now been transformed into hotel e restaurant.

Pomena it is a tourist center where they land sailboats, kayaks e yachts billionaires.

Surroundings e Poles they are among the most sheltered ports of the island.

According to when the story is told, it is believed that St. Paul is shipwrecked in the beaches of Saplunara in the year AD 61, when he was returning to Rome.

This story is written in the Bible, chapter 27 and 28, Book of the Apostles.

Second San Luca, St. Paul stopped onisland of Mljet to preach the Gospel for three months.

Mljet Croatia what to see

A saplunara the remains of the church of San Paolo and on the official coat of arms of Municipality of Mljet, from 1850 until 1921, there was the figure of Saint Paul.

Perhaps it was St. Paul himself who gave the name to saplunara and «sabulum»Which in Latin means«sand».

Another beautiful thing to see is there cave of Ulysses which is located at Baba's Field.

For centuries it was believed that he had taken refuge here Ulysses after the shipwreck.

La cave it has two entrances, one from the sea and the other from the land and an oval shape of about 30 meters deep.

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I pescatori di Babino Polje still today they leave the boats sheltered from the open sea.

According to legend, Ulysses he saved himself by swimming and taking refuge in the cave where he was waiting there ninfa Calypso, the daughter of Poseidon the King of the sea.

Enchanted by the beauty of nature and in love with Calypso, Ulysses remained on the island for 7 years.

Mljet spiagge

THEisland of Mljet it has a very indented coast and does not have many beaches.

For those who love sand must go to beaches of Saplunara or in the south-eastern part of the island.

To organize a vacation on the Island of Mljet choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL AND HOLIDAY OFFERS.

Island of Mljet pictures

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